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  1. Well, i don’t think this is much of a big deal. But it also told us to keep our runway clean from foreign objects…..

  2. BTW, Marhalim you have any news about the avionics integration problem in Su-30MKMs and the MiG-29ns trade for more Sukhois?

  3. Actually it is a major deal since we don’t have a large number of spare engines but hey…what does it matter since the Ops budget is slashed by 30%.

  4. marhalim 2 enjin tu tak pernah total lost. TUDM cuma replace dan repair 1st stage LPC blade yang kemik bila kena FOD, tu je. Bleh tak ko betulkan balik laporan kau tu? Ini misleading dan memalukan negara.. padahal enjin tu tak pernah pun total lost. ggk

    Marhalim: I did quote the PTU saying that it was not a total lost….

  5. Can’t comment about the 2 Su-30 engines that suffered FOD but coming so soon after the KD Inderapura fiasco, the loss of the F-5 engines and the latest intelligence leak, these incidents certainly ”memalukan negara”.

    One can only hope that what’s been reported is not only the tip of the iceberg with other stuff still unreported. And we can only hope that the intelligence leaked to a ”friendly” neighbour by traitors who deserved to be skinned alive then hung is not something like cipher codes or radar frequencies.

  6. What the USMC F18D pilots think about Kuantan Air Base FOD in this article:

    ” One of the greatest hazards for the Hornets during Air Warrior came from a virtually invisible source: FOD—foreign object debris. A close inspection of the Kuantan flightline reveals chunks of broken concrete every few feet. Most of the pieces are pebble size, but even a paper clip, if sucked into an intake, can destroy the turbine blades of a Hornet’s engines, grounding the craft. Each day of Air Warrior, the Marines spent time doing “FOD sweeps,” shoulder-to-shoulder walks to scan the pavement for debris.

    MiG-29s, on the other hand, have special engine intake louvers that block foreign objects, so the Malaysians don’t rank FOD removal nearly as high in priority as U.S. aviation units do.”

    Link to the article:

  7. Its a safe bet that the parking aprons and runways at Butterworth is in much better condition given the RAAF presence there and the fact that the Hawks and Hornets don’t have special intakes to prevent FOD. Judging from the article there seems to be a shortage of hangars at Kuantan though another reason apart from finance could be a lack space.

    I’m a bit confused however…. is Air Warrior part of CARAT? I was under the impression the only exercises done with USN fighters was during CARAT. It just goes to show, our so called leaders who claim to take our defence seriously need to allocate more funds so the RMAF pilots get access to more frequent and more challenging exercises.

    Marhalim: No CARAT is a different exercise altogether mostly involving the Navy and Marines. Apart from our TD our Coast Guard are also involved as the US Coast Guard also deploy to such scenarios. As usual we tend to keep quiet on such exercises especially ones involving fighter jets. Yes, the low hours is frightening scenario. Thats the problem when we have so many assets but at the same time the budget is low. For example, the Army spend about 80 per cent of its annual operational expenditure on emoluments and logistics and spent about 10 per cent on operations and training.

  8. You have a state of the art and the most expensive fighter plane ever in your inventory and this is how you take care of it. Its carelessness in every way you see it. If the MAF was serious, heads should have rolled over this incident.

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