We Are Back….

Photo bombed as I was doing my work at Ex Air Thamal 2015. Picture courtesy of Mohd Daim.

SHAH ALAM: After almost three days offline, www.malaysiandefence.com has finally return. Regular readers will noticed however that the last posts seemed to be from 2012. Yes, this is unfortunately true due to a server failure.

Since I had not back-up the site since moving to a dedicated server in 2012, the failure of the server three days ago meant all the data since then are gone! I will try re-posts some of them by searching for pages that had been cached but more or less I will updating the site progressively.

I hope to continue receiving the support of my readers as we moved through this difficult period.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Salam Ramadhan Marhalim,

    Quoting Prof Ungku Aziz, “..In this technology age, we at any single time, will always be a victim of technology failure…”

  2. Glad it’s still around..am I the only one or there’s still glitch on the website?

    what glitch?

  3. Hahaha!! Your back Admin and wow….. this comment don’t have any math question. What happened? Well i hope this gonna fix later(not soon).

  4. Dear Encik Marhalim. Welcome back. I was wondering the reason for the issue

  5. Well, sometimes technology aren’t that perfect. It still has some room for improvements in the near future…

  6. Welcome back Marhalim sir, I was worried that I might lose my favourite blog. Anyway, I notice a slight change of the blog’s layout, is it going to be permanent?

    I am fixing things as we go along…

  7. Nearly 3yrs worth of info was “lost”. I thought we’re under cyber attack ( fortunately is was not) . i believe i have saved all pages up to april 2015.

    Ya la hor Radin, no more simple math question to answer, it is used to verify responses posted by homo sapiens not bots.

    I actually liked this “old” format where the latest response will be the one at the bottom while the oldest is the one on top.

    If you have saved any postings please email them to me so I can repost them. My email is marhalim68@gmail.com

  8. Cant wait to read your last story regarding RMAF Q&A Part II. Kindly post it here again please for our reading pleasure, Mr. Marhalim. Thank you.

  9. Welcome Back. Sad if all that hardwork gone.

    First, slap yr own butt for not backing up yr work.

    Just be sure , the server failed naturally and not sabo.

  10. It is a great tragedy that the articles and comments were lost. To me, losing the comparisons of gear was nothing. There are thousands of sites for people who want that.

    However, the discussions of the political and military reasons we choose our gear are irreplaceable. There is no where else to learn so deeply and thoroughly about our country.

    Filtering out the stubborn comments of those who fail to recognise the importance of such factors, your blog is the top Malaysian defence blog on the net. I hope intelligent citizens will spare a thought about what they are destroying when they cheer their favourite gear or superficially parrot the official line.

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