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  1. The good news about the recent number of reports emerging in the presse is that it raises public awareness with regards to defence and hopefully will also help in fostering a culture of accountability. After all, the rakyat pays for the ATM so its their right to be informed of developments without the government rubber stamping ”rahsia” on everything.

    The bad news is a lot of people without reading the reports carefully and being aware of the facts are going to have a negative perception of the ATM and will make stupid comments like ” 3.4 billion subs that can’t even dive” or ”the RMN is the only navy with subs that can’t dive”. Look at the online comments in the STAR Su-30MKM report – some idiots can’t even tell the difference between engines that are ”lost”’ as in missing and engines that can’t be used due to damage and require repairs.

  2. i agree with the above. Due to the nature of Malaysians which lack comprehension skill and therefore will likely jump the gun before reading the explanation, it\’s the responsibility of the press to give a more appropriate title that summarizes the content instead of misleading sensational title.

  3. Because of this technical issues with the submarine, the whole govt including the navy will be blame for procuring such a thing. But then, it’s not big matter as such that the contractor that are responsible for maintaining the submarine will soon fix the issue.

    I hope, Malaysian will not directly blame anyone for this problem. Oh ya, Marhalim y not u write about our armed forces cyber war capability. I’m quite interesting to read u’r thought on this matter.

  4. @azlan: People are already jumping the gun on various things even before anyone else gets to say anything as how I see things happening. I think all of us have already witnessed how people jumped the gun even before the Armed Forces finalized their purchases on the subs and the Sukhois.

    And probably when the Airbus A400M gets its turn probably the same thing will happen again, that is jumping the gun. As usual.

    I see the news in a positive light though. As you said, more exposure has allowed us to know what is happening around in the military and let us to be concerned as well as our country’s safety, and also how’s the situation. And since the Navy’s chief says not to worry that “although some problems have been detected, it can be fixed”, I chose to have faith in it.

    Hopefully they will get everything OK soon. Cheers.

  5. it is better to realize the problem and fix it during the warranty period, if not the cost of fixing the problem is tremendous. and hopefully we don’t see this kind of a problem on the 2nd sub.

    i recalled reading one blog saying that our sub beat the french nuclear sub in a training. if KD TAR cannot dive, how on earth do they beat the french nuclear sub on the 1st place? 🙂

    Marhalim: The waters off Europe are temperate, ours is tropical thats why they need to undergo the Tropical Water Trials. Yes, I am also glad that they detect the defect during the warranty period, now if they could only agree on the Integrated Service Support contract ASAP we dont have to worry too much….

  6. If I’m not mistaken under our govt has established the Cyber Warfare Department in February 20002.

    My sources said that=
    1) According to the current organization chart, the Cyber Warfare Department has defensive cell, offensive cell, and command and control cell. The defensive and offensive cells have more than 10 staffs.

    2)Director of Cyber Warfare Department, Captain Mohd Maidin bin Sahadan TLDM, said due to its sensitiveness, the offensive cell will maintain at low profile, unless it is provoked.

    Last August 2009, in the navy annual exercise called ANGSA4, the cyber war element have been integrated into the exercise. If I’m not mistaken, early this year our govt have conducted an exercise to simulate all of the possibility if our nation cyber-infrastructure is being attack in case of cyber war or an act of terrorism. So I doubt if we do really have the cyber war capability or not.

  7. genduthijau, there are no absolutes as far as ASW goes. Detecting a contact on sonar depends on crew training, distance, water temperature, acoustics conditions, equipment operated, etc.

    Teething problems in any newly delivered platform are expected and tend to happen. The RMN is not the only navy to have experienced problems with a new sub.

  8. With regards to cyber warfare, i think the perception that Malaysia does have 1 unit managing it may be originated from the fact that once, an agency managing this was lead by one Lieutenant Colonel.

    Google Niser and CyberSecurity Malaysia. The agency is now under Mosti.

  9. Zul, on the contrary. Those agencies has a working relationship with MAF’s own unit, but not related nor the same. Those 2 agencies work closely with MAMPU as well. On the other hand, MAF\’s own team handles military-related threat.

  10. azlan, it is not my intention to underestimate the capabilities and technical know how of our navy, but it does rang a bell though whether our navy overlooked such operating conditions with all the military expert and consultants.

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