Guns at the 203rd Police Day

KUALA LUMPUR: Pictured below are some of the guns that were paraded or displayed at the Police Day celebrations on March 25, 2010. The SLRs were to me the highlight of the show even with the new Bushmaster Carbines. I hope I will have the chance to shoot the SLRs soon….

SLRs on display at the Pulapol parade grounds on March 25, 2010

An up-close shot of an SLR with the serial number showing. No rock and roll switch!

Newly delivered Bushmaster Carbine on parade

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Marhalim… nice pics. So it’s confirmed our SLRs didn’t have the ”rock n roll” switch.
    Mr T mentioned the SLRs were from Lithgow, but recently an ex army general told me his was made in England. So I think we got a bit of both. There have been many stories about troops having problems with their HK-33s, any truth in this?

    Also, any truth about the report that our ”cousins” from ”seberang” will get a contract for 4 MPA congigured CN-235s? From a logistics viewpoint it makes sense, though I would have prefered a platform with more endurance. Perhaps next in the interest of national security, the PMs Department should handover their 2 VIP CN-235s to the RMAF to have them reconfigured for the MPA role. If only………

    Marhalim: It must be said that the guns pictured here are the PDRM ones only so they will be semi-automatic as does most of the Sterlings they had. I have not seen the army’s SLRs recently but I am hoping that it will be soon with even the rare honour of firing them!. Keep coming back for updates…..
    As for the new MPA procurement, all is quiet on the Western Front even for the up-coming DSA scheduled within three weeks time. The only thing to be sign at the moment, I am told is the spares contract for the LOH. They may also signed the deal to purchase up to 30 6X6 vehicles for our Lebanon troops. And the word is that the Panser Pindad may get the nod instead of the VAB…..

  2. Whether is the VAB or Panser it still adds another vehicle to our inventory. And when funding is available, the army will get its 8x8s, adding another vehicle to our already strained logistics chain.

    I’ll be very surprised if the army still has large stocks of SLRs, I thought most were sold to PNG.

    Marhalim: I dont think they have a large stock hopefully just enough to ease my itch!

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