DSA 2010 Part I

KUALA LUMPUR: Further reading.

The Malay Mail.

Pictures taken on First Day

US Ordnance
US Ordnance Old New M60
Remington ACR and UCR on display at DSA 2010

A mock-up of the Thales M2RM mortar inside a stretched Adnan APC. The mortar is not equipped with an automatic loader and its an 120mm projectile!

Polish PKM
Polish PKM

Malaysian Defence

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  1. Itu bukan PKM ler, UKW2000, modified for 7.62 NATO. PKM was sebelah.
    You going back besok?

    Marhalim: Again my mistake, yes, covering the whole week, did your company took over the Vamtac Uro?

  2. No ler…nama similar aje. Don\’t do \’vehicles\’! I was planning to go back today (not exhibiting) but have to go invade a small red dot somewhere to the south.:)

  3. Just saw your article on the Rosomak 8×8. I checked it out at DSA and their rep showed me how the V-bottomed hull sits on a separate ‘sub-chassis’ which itself is split in half. If there’s a huge blast they can clear off the remaining bits, and plug on an entire half sub-chassis module and get the thing on the road again.

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