Guns of PDRM Part II

KUALA LUMPUR: The Home Ministry organised a shooting competition with the police at Cheras Central Brigade today (April 4, 2010) Although the press was invited to cover the event unfortunately the organisers did not allocate any range time for the members of the media. Since I had nothing to do I went around to check out the guns that were on display…enjoy! All the guns on display including the Sten is workable I am told.

PDRM submachine guns. From top, MP5K, MP5A3, Sten Mark V and MP5A2
PDRM sniper guns
Accuracy International Sniper rifles
Hishammuddin with a sniper rifle
Hishammuddin trying out the new Bushmaster 7.62 semi-automatic sniper rifle.
PDRM handguns
PDRM collection of 9mm semi-automatic handguns
Udang Galah
HK11E LMG. Universally known as the Udang Galah in the army.Widely used by the Field Force before but in limited usaged nowdays.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Nice photos!! Was there a Bren on display? From what I can gather, despite the introduction of the Mag 58, certain army units [like those in the British army] continued with the Bren till the early 80’s.

    Also, anyone have any idea if PASKAL is the only unit with Brugget & Thomat MP-5s? In the current Perajurit, there is an interview in which the chief of army said a decision is still pending on M-4s scopes.

    Marhalim: No, Bren. Azlan most of the Army units were also equipped with the HK11 called universally, well at least to the army boys due to the bipods….Yes only the Paskal are equipped with the B&T MP5s…

  2. My guess is that the bipod looks like udang galah pincers..

    BTW, does that bushmaster has iron sights?

    Marhalim: Yes those are the BUIS type which can be taken off.

  3. true, paskal the only unit in malaysia using highly modified BT MP5 with complete blow&whistle which regards as a complete weapon system till this date.

  4. I wonder why they call it udang galah?

    Marhalim: I hazard to guess that the two bipods reminded the soldiers of udang galah….

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