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Malaysia: The World Top Arms Importer! Edited

KUALA LUMPUR: Based on the Trends in international arms transfers, 2009 Paul Holtom, Mark Bromley, Pieter D. Wezeman and Siemon D. Wezeman SIPRI Fact Sheet it appears that Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, are in an arms race. The 722 percent figure cited by the publication really sounds alarming doesnt it? […]

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No Sukuk For The Needy

KUALA LUMPUR: It appears that the plan to use Sukuk (The Islamic equivalent for bonds) to raise money for the purchase of arms and defence-related infrastructure projects had been torpedoed by the Treasury. The main reason for this I am told is that it was a bad idea in the […]

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Malaysia -RMN

KD Tun Razak and Lumut Naval Base

KUALA LUMPUR: Due to its late arrival, I was unable to cover the arrival of KD Tun Razak at Lumut on Friday. I am guessing however most are aware of the arrival of the second submarine of the Perdana Menteri-class. The Star in its report on Saturday quoted the RMN […]