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Malaysian Defence

Wikileaks and Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: We are still waiting with bated breath whether or not Wikileaks will release a US diplomatic cables from the Kuala Lumpur embassy. Further reading.. With thousands of cables supposedly available, hopefully we will […]

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Upgraded Nuri

PETALING JAYA: The picture below is the first upgraded S-61T to be delivered to the US State Department. The T is the proposed version for the project to upgrade our fleet of surviving Nuris. I […]

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The National Defence Policy; Dasar Pertahanan Malaysia

Based on the national interests that need to be maintained, Malaysia must have a level of defense capability that can ensure the key areas can be protected in any way. Malaysia also has to maintain and increase the capability to protect the sovereignty rights on the land and water territory including EEZ, continental shelf and all its strategic maritime and air space routes. Thus, capability development of MAF has to be based on the main purpose to protect the national interest of the three regions. In the meantime, the national defense is not limited to preparedness to face any conflict that might occur but a guarantee of independence and sovereignty, defending national interest and catalyst for national development programmes […]