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Its the Guardian Extreme for GOF APC

SHAH ALAM: In late April, Malaysian Defence reported that Global Komited Sdn Bhd – a subsidiary of the Weststar Group – was awarded the Letter of Award for the tender of four armoured personnel carriers (APC) for the General Operations Force or Pasukan Gerakan Am of the police. As the […]

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Mobility Programme of the Army

SHAH ALAM: Mobility programme. It appears that the Army is embarking on a mobility programme that could be the start of recapitalisation of its vehicles fleet and perhaps even of its whole asset including weapons. As the Army has been shy to share its modernisation plans unlike the RMN and […]


Rise Of The Guardians

SHAH ALAM: Rise of the Guardians. The Malaysian contingent for the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, Malbatt 850-5, is finally getting new vehicles after a long and fruitless search. The vehicle chosen is likely the Weststar-IAG Guardian armoured security vehicle. I am saying likely as this is based on a […]


LIMA 2015: Day 1

LANGKAWI: LIMA 2015 opened today with a boom, literally outside the hall but inside its all quiet with one show daily headlining “No Contracts at LIMA” on its opening day edition. A little gloss was added to the show today however through the courtesy of the Fire and Rescue Department […]

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Weststar GK-M1 Weapon Platform

SHAH ALAM: IN my post What’s In Store For MAF in 2015 I mentioned about the talk of the Army getting new Light Strike Vehicles (LSV). I also mentioned that apart from foreign candidates, Weststar GK-M1 Weapon Platform as one of the candidates of the LSV. It appears now that […]

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DSA 2012: Second Day

PETALING JAYA: Again not much too report apart from the statement by the Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that the ministry is to procure some 100 LTV vehicle from Weststar. Do I also need to report that no decision has been made on the MRCA programme? — […]

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New 4X4 for the Armed Forces?

PETALING JAYA: The story below from Bernama is self-explainatory. In short, the Defence Minister is saying that the Weststar Group had been given the contract for new 4X4 vehicles for the Armed Forces. But the good minister however failed to mention, the most important thing of course, how much and […]

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New Trucks for The Army?

PETALING JAYA: After the heady and sometimes heaty discussions into the MRCA, its time get back into the ground, literally. Yes, the Army is finally in the final stages of issuing the tender for the replacement on the Pinzgauer fleet. If you say, its about time, think again. The Pinzgauers […]