Rise Of The Guardians

Guardian ASV. Weststar

SHAH ALAM: Rise of the Guardians. The Malaysian contingent for the UN peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, Malbatt 850-5, is finally getting new vehicles after a long and fruitless search. The vehicle chosen is likely the Weststar-IAG Guardian armoured security vehicle.

The Guardian ASV in a familiar surroundings.

I am saying likely as this is based on a report from Bernama.

BEIRUT: The Malaysian Peacekeeping Mission (Malbatt) in Lebanon will receive a reinforcement of nine units of Guardian armoured security vehicles (ASV) in mid December.

Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Johari Baharum said the assets which would be mobilised in January reflected the Malaysian government’s commitment to the peacekeeping mission in Lebanon.

“Malbatt’s assets have been upgraded to suit current needs and circumstances,” he told Bernama and RTM on Thursday.

According to him, Malbatt presently has 46 RPZ Condor 4×4 armoured personnel carriers at its operation centre at Marakah Camp, located about 100km from Beirut.

He said members of the peacekeeping team had also been provided with digital camouflage uniforms made of good textile, bullet proof and although thick, is light and therefore comfortable to wear.

“The government is concerned for the problems and welfare of our team in Malbatt. My last visit to Lebanon was three years ago and since then there has been many changes including relations between Malbatt and the local community,” he said.

Mohd Johari said Malaysia was in the process of completing the ‘Malaysian bazaar’ which would provide a site and opportunity for local traders here to earn their livelihood.

“Malaysia’s endeavour to help improve the economy of the local community has gained the attention and support of the people in Lebanon,” he added. — Bernama

The cockpit of the Guardian,

Of course there is also the Guardian ASV from Textron Systems but as they do not have a representative here, AFAIK, it’s likely the Weststar marketed vehicle that was chosen.

As you are aware, Weststar Defence has sold a number of vehicles and equipment to the Armed Forces and other government agencies. The vehicles include the GK-M1 of various variants and Jaws 4X4s to the police.

The rear cabin of the Guardian.

The other question here is whether or not, the Guardians will completely replaced the Condor as the primary armoured vehicles for Malbatt.

Perhaps the Guardians will only replaced the un-armoured Land Rovers also operated by Malbatt and not the Condors.

The Guardian from the side.

As for why current vehicles in the military like the LipanBara was not chosen for the same mission is beyond me at the moment and something to be followed up in another posting.

The rear door of the Guardian ASV

According to the IAG website the Guardian is armoured up to STANAG II level (up to AK47 rounds), powered by either an 6.7L V8 diesel engine or 6.8L petrol engine and seats 10. The vehicle is likely a heavily modified Ford F350 pickup truck.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. So 46 condors are in lebanon. How many years have they been in theatre, have they been rotated back home for overhaul/reset/refit?

    Malaysia contingent started in 2007, the Condors have been there from the start though I am not sure whether all of them were transported there in one go or in batches. It is likely they were transported in batches. Not sure whether any have been back here for refit or it’s done there

  2. But Marhalim, what happened to the previous deftech AV4, the one modelled after the South African rg-34 MRAP? Didn’t they produce a good amount of those, where did they went, I believe they are much more suitable than the guardian or lipanbara in replacing the condors in Lebanon at least.

    They never got any orders for those actually.

  3. Btw marhalim, it could really be the textron guardian, bought as FMS as a token buy by najib during his meeting with trump.

    PS. Today opened a few of my old files and found a really old brochure of cadillac gage v150 commando upgrade for malaysian army by MMC Defence, which is the precursor to the textron guardian.

    Perhaps but any deal for armoured vehicles from the US will likely result in an announcement from the US side. I will try to get the confirmation on Monday

  4. Why was Lipan Bara or AV8 Gempita not selected? It will be a good place/opportunity for PR and testing ground to market them in the Middle East. Saw some news reports recently that AV8 being tested in Saudi Arabia.

    Or could it be the MALBATT equipment and armament in Lebanon is subjected to UN approval? Can see the US/Israel blocking heavy armament being sent there.

    As mentioned in the posting I have no idea why LipanBara or even the earlier AV4 was not chosen. It will be awhile before I can find out if ever the reason. The Gempita is a different class to the Guardian so until it is confirmed which vehicle the latter is replacing either the Landys or Condors I don’t think we can find out the reason for the selection.

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