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Picture of the Week

The picture above is the poster of the movie The Dictator. Note the huge ribbons bar! It is a homage to the countless dictators who shamelessly pinned ribbon bars on their uniform as proof of their bravery which we all know are fake of course. Nonetheless the ribbons on the […]

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Malaysia -RMN

A Case for ABM capability?

PETALING JAYA: North Korea is expected to launch a rocket in a few weeks time. According to the wires: “North Korea announced earlier this month it would launch a rocket between April 12-16 to put a satellite into orbit to celebrate the centenary of Kim Il-Sung’s birth.” The move has […]

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Asean and Malaysia

Defence industry, a look down South

PETALING JAYA: Posted below is an AFP story, on the arms industry of our southern neighbour, Singapore. I am not stating that the story tell us the whole story but its very instructive to our aspirations and dreams. To me, personally and I could be wrong here, at the end […]

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Malaysian Army

New 4X4 for the Armed Forces?

PETALING JAYA: The story below from Bernama is self-explainatory. In short, the Defence Minister is saying that the Weststar Group had been given the contract for new 4X4 vehicles for the Armed Forces. But the good minister however failed to mention, the most important thing of course, how much and […]