Third LMS, KD Panah?

A sailor with KD Sundang manning a GPMG. RMN

SHAH ALAM: Third LMS, KD Panah? The third LMS of the RMN, pennant number 113, may well be named KD Panah, based on a RFB issued by the Defence Ministry. The RFB is for the supply and installation of satellite TV spare parts, anemometer and AIS for PC ships ex Sundang and ex – Panah.

Or my assumption is completely wrong, see the comments for another explaination.!

The RFB issued by the RMN Western Fleet Depot opens today and closes in seven days. The specifications issued stated that they were looking for two units each of the satellite TV spare parts, anemometer (a device used for measuring wind speed and direction) and AIS (automatic detection system) for the patrol class ships, Sundang and Panah.

KD Sundang on arrival at the KK naval base jetty. RMN

Sundang is certainly KD Sundang (pennant number 112) the second of LMS of the RMN. The ship was commissioned into RMN on March 5 at the Kota Kinabalu naval base at Teluk Sepanggar, Sabah.
Third LMS prior to her launch. RMN

The ship arrived at the base on January 24, ten days after it was formally accepted by the RMN from the shipbuilder at the Wuchang port in Qidong, Shanghai. Due to travel restrictions and lockdown imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic, the ceremony had to be postponed until today. KD Keris – the first of class LMS was commissioned in January, 2020.

Third LMS after her launch. RMN

The third LMS, Panah was launched at the Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group (WISG) shipyard in Wuhan, China on 28 October, 2020. RMN said the ship would now undergo acceptance trials in Wuhan prior to delivery planned this September. The fourth LMS was launched on 16 December, 2020 and its expected to sail home this November.
Fourth LMS at her launch in Wuhan, China today. RMN picture

If indeed the third LMS is named Panah, it will be the second PC to bear the name. The first PC was a Kris class PC, KD Panah, pennant number 42. More information on the old KD Panah can be found here.
KD Sri Perlis, one of the oldest vessels in RMN today is one of the two patrol craft deployed to the Sandakan naval base. Sri Perlis and its sister ship, KD Sri Johor, regularly patrol the ESSCOM area of operations. Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas

The Kris class PC was the mainstay of the RMN fleet from the 1960s to early 2000 though two of them remains in service, KD Sri Perlis and KD Sri Johor.
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  1. Indeed ex menhan mohd Sabu decision was right. If these ships remains under BHIC I am sure we won’t even see a hull delivered. Kudos tu Wuchang Shipbuilding. Any news on the LCS L3 IPMS?

  2. Kamal – “Indeed ex menhan mohd Sabu decision was right”

    Was it really his decision per se or a decision taken collectively at a higher level with strong backing/urging from the RMN?

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