Turkish Delights For Five Tonners

SHAH ALAM: Turkish delights for five tonners?. Malaysian Defence has previously reported that the Army in the last five years or so had procured an unknown number of five-tonne GS 4X4 cargo trucks to supplement the Hicom Handalan three-tonne trucks in the Army fleet. The trucks are mostly Iveco Eurotrekkers and MAN TGM five-tonners.

As part of the Army recapitalisation project – the Mobility Phase II and III – at least another 22 vehicles are being sought. At least 10 of the five tonners have been contracted to High Point Worldwide Sdn Bhd for a tender issued out in 2020. Another RFB issued for 12 five-tonners in 2019 is however missing as there was no notice of the winner. Perhaps the 2020 tender was the replacement for it.


Iveco 5 tonne GS trucks of the Depo Simpanan Pertahanan (Defence Storage Depot) being readied for deployment at the height of the 2014 floods. Internet.

Anyhow as usual the eperolehan notice did not revealed what truck was offered by High Point for its winning bid though it did say the contract awarded was RM5.4 million. As High Point according to my sources had bid for the Unifil 4X4 APC RFB with the BMC Kirpi, I am going out on a limb here by saying that the truck they offered was the BMC 5 Tons 245-16 P.

BMC five tonne 245-16 P truck. BMC Defence

From BMC website:

BMC 5 Tons 245-16 P Tactical Wheeled Vehicles are capable of reaching to a speed of 100 km/h thanks to the 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine. The vehicle can climb slopes of up to 60 %, and move on side-slopes of up to 30%. Standing out with high level of maneuverability, BMC 5 Tons Tactical Wheeled Vehicles have been used successfully for years by numerous armies

MAN 5-tonne GS Cargo displayed at DSA 2016. MAN Malaysia

I could be wrong of course but since the Iveco and MAN trucks are/were offered by other local companies, it may well be High Point did offer the BMC truck for this tender. Anyhow the make of the trucks will be confirmed once these vehicles are delivered as the Army – this days – seemed happy to issue releases whenever they received deliveries of vehicles.

The armoured variant of the BMC five tonne truck. BMC Defence

For example on June 3, BTDM reported that the Army took the delivery of at least six fourty-seat buses from Deftech.

Deftech 40 seater buses delivered to the Army on June 3. BTDM

— Malaysian Defence

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