More Three Tonne Trucks for The Army

SHAH ALAM: More three tonnes for for the Army. The Defence Ministry has issued a request for bids for the supply of 150 three-tonne trucks under the Army Mobility III programme. The 21-day tender was published on June 10 and closes on July 1. Not much details were published in the publicly available part of the tender advertisement.

A Handalan II 3-tonne GS Cargo truck being put through the Army off-road driving course at Kem Terendak in January, 2021. BTDM

The tender notice:


The specifications:

There is a requirement for the Malaysian Army to acquire a multi purpose cargo vehicle with payload of at least 3 tonne to equip 1st Line transport requirement and 2nd Line transportation capabilities.

Deftech Handalan II. GS Cargo 4X4

This is the seond tender for three-tonne GS Cargo trucks for the Army, this year. The previous one was held in February this year though it was only 132 vehicles. In 2019, another RFB for 132 three-tonne trucks was issued.
Handalan II
A Handalan II GS 3 tonne truck being towed by a recovery truck during combat training. BTDM

A check on the Eperolehan website showed both RFBs have not been officially decided yet. There were 13 bidders for the 2019 RFB, with the lowest bid at RM47.2 million and the highest at RM51.7 million. Eleven bidders took part in the RFB early this year, the lowest coming at RM33 million and RM63 million the highest. Note for both RFB, 132 vehicles were sought.
A convoy of Handalan trucks being led by a Land Rover FFR. BTDM

I have no idea why the earlier RFBs are not yet decided or whether they are waiting for the latest RFB to make the decision. As you are aware Deftech, the defence subsidiary of DRB-Hicom Bhd, has been supplying the Army and military with Handalan and Handalan three tonne cargo trucks since 1996 with more than 2000 vehicles in service.
A Handalan II Cargo GS 4X4. BTDM

Will they prevailed in this tender and the other two still uresolved RFBs? I guess we have to wait and see then.

— Malaysian Defence

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