Indonesia Signed Initial Contract For Rafales

SHAH ALAM: Indonesia has signed an initial contract for the purchase of 36 Dassault Rafale omni-role fighters, says Airspace Review website. The respectable website/publication are helmed by Indonesian most experience defence and aerospace journalists hence its reports are highly accurate.

The initial contract – basically a Letter of Intent (LOI) for other countries – will allow for the negotiations of the final contract – Letter of Award – which of course involved financial terms, transfer of technology and other items of interest including local content issues. Angkasa Review said there is no time lines for the negotiations to be concluded.

Italian Navy ITS Carabiniere FREMM frigate. Fincantieri

The report came as Fincantieri of Italy announced the contract for the sale to Indonesia of six FREMM frigates and the modernization and sale of 2 Maestrale-class frigates, and the related logistical support. It is unclear when the first ships will be delivered though.

Dassault Rafale

From Angkasa Review:

AIRSPACE REVIEW ( – Kabar baik dari rencana pembelian alutsista oleh Kementerian Pertahanan Republik Indonesia (Kemhan RI).

Sumber Airspace Review di Jakarta mengatakan, Kemhan RI dan Dassault Aviation (pabrik pembuat Rafale) dari Perancis telah menandatangani kontrak awal untuk pengadaan 36 jet tempur multiperan tersebut.Penandatanganan kontrak awal yang disebut kontrak “Come Into Force” itu ditandatangani pada Senin, 7 Juni 2021 dan akan mulai berlaku pada Desember 2021.

“Kontrak ‘Come Into Force’ sudah ditandatangani pada Senin, 7 Juni. Kontrak akan mulai berlaku pada Desember tahun ini,” kata sumber AR.

Ditambahkan, perjalanan Indonesia untuk mendapatkan pesawat Rafale dari Perancis memang masih panjang.

A French Navy Rafale with an Exocet

Personnaly I think the contract award will only be signed once the current term of President Joko Widodo ends in 2024 and if the current Defence Ministe Probowo Subianto is elected to succeed him. I could be wrong of course, who am I speak about Indonesian politics then?

A Rafale being tested for the F3R standard.

Anyhow from previous reports, we know that the Indonesian Defence Ministry is also planning to buy 36 Boeing F-15EX Eagles as part of a quad-trillion Rupiah plans to modernise its armed forces until 2040. Some of the procurement will financed via soft-loans from the manufacturing countries which is likely to involve France for the purchase of the Rafales and at least four Scorpene submarines.

Dassault Rafales of Egyptian Air Force. Dassault- Anthony Pecchi

Whether or not all of this will go ahead is beyond me.

— Malaysian Defence

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