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SHAH ALAM: Have guns will travel. The 1st Royal Artillery Regiment, part of the 10th Parachute Brigade, is likely to start training and testing the Nexter 105mm LG1 howitzers within the next two or three months. This is due to the fact that Advanced Defence Systems Sdn Bhd (ADS) has taken delivery six of the 18 LG1 guns ordered from Nexter in 2018.

The six guns, delivered in kit form, are being assembled at ADS facility in Jementah, Johor after delivery in early February. I wrote about the delivery in Jane’s here.

Colombian soldiers with their Nexter Systems LG1 105mm howitzer.

Malaysian Defence has also written on the issues surrounding the LG1 contract previously.The Strange Case of the 105mm Guns

A GK-M1 gun tower with an Oto Melara 105mm pack howitzer at Merdeka Day parade rehersal in August.

With the contracts of the MD Helicopters MD530G light scout attack helicopter and M109SPH being cancelled, now I can post about the other contract that I have been asked about. It’s the Nexter 105LG1 contract. I can confirmed that it is still valid and deliveries are expected late this year, though it also had went through the wringer

A PUTD Nuri hauling an Oto Melara 105mm Pack Howitzer at the Firepower Exercise 2017.

I mentioned in the story that contract came under review during the Mahathir administration and came through in early 2019 after the cost of the contract was reduced. I have no idea how much really but it seemed that many contracts signed during the Najib administration were greenlighted after a review by the Mahathir administration but with the cost reduced by 5 to 10 per cent so we could assumed that LG1 contract cost was reduced by the same amount.
Nexter LG1 105mm howitzer. It is displayed in the sling-load configuration at DSA 2016.

One has to wonder whether the long delay in getting equipment or infrastructure completed is justified with just reduction of 10 per cent of contract cost. Anyhow apart from the Mk III version of the LG1, the contract signed in 2018 is also inclusive of the Bacara ballistic computer and an initial batch of Nexter long range ERG3 ammunition. With the ERG3 ammunition, the LG1 guns have a range of 17km compared to the 10km maximum range of the in service Oto Melara Mod 56 pack howitzers with 1st RA and its six other sister regiments.

— Malaysian Defence

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