Only One KJA Programme

SHAH ALAM: Only one KJA programme. In a previous post I wrote that there was a possibility that the Army would embarked on two Kenderaan Jenis A (armoured vehicles – KJA) in the near future or even mixed them together. The programmes are the 6X6 – basically the Condor replacement – and High Mobility Protected Vehicle (HMPV).

I have been told however only the 6X6 is expected to be approved and funded for the near future.

A Lipan Bara likely from the Armour School in Port Dickson at the Merdeka 2019 rehersal day.

This means the Lipan Bara will remained the sole HMPV in service in the Army for the foreseeable future. Of course, another HMPV, the IAG Guardian, six of them are in service with the Malaysian contingent in Lebanon, though that’s another issue altogether.

IAG Guardians of the Malaysian contingent in Lebanon.

It must be noted several companies had already lined up their candidates for the HMPV programme. I am not sure whether they will be able to lobby to the government to have another look at it, once the 6X6 programme has been completed.


As for the 6X6 I am told that the requirement is for some 200 vehicles with another 50 or so for use by the Unifil mission and the army’s ready battalion, also meant for UN peacekeeping missions. The 6X6 is mostly for the units currently equipped with the Condors namely for Kor Armor DiRaja. Funding is expected in the next RMK period.

Pindad Anoa.

I am told that the evaluation for the 6X6 has already started and the results will be used for the open competition. It is unclear however whether the 6X6 not included in the evaluation could be selected in the tender. On paper an unevaluated vehicle could trumped the ones already evaluated especially on the price.

Hanwa Tigon 6X6 APC

– Malaysian Defence

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