Army Day 2019

Adnan 120mm mortar vehicle on display at the Army Day exhibition at Port Dickson, on Mar. 2, 2018.

SHAH ALAM: Army Day 2019. As part of the Army Day celebrations this year, the service is having a three day exhibition cum anniversary celebration at Ladang Kemuning, at Sungai Siput, Perak. Second Brigade Commander, Brig. Mohd Nizam Jaafar said this was the first time the event – marking the 86th anniversary of the Army – will be held in Perak.

Details and map of Army Day 2019. TD

Apart from a parade on March 1 to mark the anniversary, an exhibition featuring the service’s assets from the G5 howitzer, Astros MLRS and the PT-91M will also be held at the Ladang Kemuning football field.

An Astros II MLRS launcher vehicle of the Rejimen 51 of the Kor Artileri Di Raja at the 2013 Merdeka Day parade.

Like previous demonstrations conducted at public areas, it is likely blanks will be used during the three day event apart from some scenarios involving snipers and Special Forces units as shown on the video below.

The crew of a G5 155mm howitzer prepping the gun for firing at Gemas firing range during the firepower demo 2016.

This will be the first time that the Army is holding its anniversary celebration outside of Port Dickson where it usually holds its exhibitions and demonstrations as well. Like in previous exhibitions, the Army will also hold other events at the site, from marching bands to a parachute drop comprising members of the GGK and 10th Para Brigade.
The event will be open to the public from 7am on Mar. 1 and 9am on Mar. 2 and 3.

A G-Wagon fitted with an AGL during the exhibition held at Port Dickson for the 2018 Army Day.

Apart from celebrations, Mohd Nizam said some 2,000 soldiers will take part in a military exercise, Ex Satria Perkasa from Mar. 2 to Mar. 11. For the exercise, the soldiers will be moving in convoys from Sg Siput to Gerik as part of a scenario involving them taking on an enemy which had invaded from the north.

Adnan 120mm mortar vehicle on display at the Army Day exhibition at Port Dickson, on Mar. 10, 2018.

He advised the public not to be alarmed with the large movement of soldiers and their equipment in the area as this was part of the exercise scenario.

A Gempita ACV25mm during Eks Satria Perkasa 2016.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Do we stil use the MM40 recoiless rifle? i only saw them at Muzium Tentera darat but i feel its a waste to retires them (if true) as it can be used as Fire support for wataniah

    There was a picture in BTDM showing 18th RAMD support company using it on the ground on a wheel trolley recently. Not sure whether they got the ammo for it though. Units in Sarawak still got HK21 in their inventory though the rifleman

  2. Marhalim, are you going to this event?

    Anyway is there any further elaborations of the ARMY 4NextG Plan?

    I am not going. The chief is not saying anything worth while on the plan

  3. Oh i wish that all other services (army, air force, even APMM) can follow the footsteps of the navy and come out with something like the 15 to 5 plan. Seriously that plan is a very2 high benchmark for other services to follow, a very strong legacy of Tan Sri Ahmad Kamarulzaman’s leadership.

  4. Off topic,

    Looks like UAE bought 6 used G5 155mm howitzers from South Africa in 2014 for use in yemen.

    Now seems like those G5 are being supplemented by Chinese AH4 155mm lightweight howitzers.

    takeout from this news.

    1. If we want to add more G5s for a 2nd artillery regiment in East Malaysia, used stocks from Denel can be an option. A batch of 12 would probably be enough to raise a 2nd G5 artillery regiment.

    2. If we want to go for lightweight and mobility in expense of gun range, looks like the Chinese AH4 155mm would be a credible option. Its light weight (4.5 tons vs 14 tons of G5) means smaller logistics footprint (smaller gun towers etc, less aircraft to be flown etc etc)

  5. If we want to be able to sustain 2 fronts simultaneously like what is wanted in the ARMY 2NextG plan, probably yes.

    Those M109s should be based in Peninsular, supporting the mechanized and armoured formation, the current G5 supporting the rest of the infantry formations in peninsular, with a new G5 regiment supporting sabah and sarawak

    Based on the little information we have the Army also want an armour and other supporting units in Sabah and Sarawak

  6. BTW happy 25th anniversary TUDM hawks!

    The time has come for us to replace those with much more capable LCA/FLIT platform.

  7. @ marhalim

    If they want armor and other supporting units in east malaysia, it would be good if

    Both 1st Div and 5th Div each to have:

    1x cavalry regiment (4 armor now in sarawak, probably 2 armor can be relocated to sabah, replaced in semenanjung by a 2nd PT-91 regiment)

    1x mechanized battalion initially with Condors, later with new 4×4 MRAP/APC.

    1x 105mm regiment (6 RAD in sabah, probably 4 RAD to sarawak, replaced in semenanjung by the M109)

    With 1x G5 155mm regiment in sabah, with 1 battery detached to sarawak.

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