Another KJA Programme Or Two

SHAH ALAM: Another KJA Programme. In my earlier post on the MIFV/Adnan Upgrade I mentioned that the Army has another KJA – armoured vehicles – programme being planned for the near future. Its two actually as both are wheeled armoured vehicles – the High Mobility Protected Vehicles (HMAPV) and the 6X6.


The current HMPV in service with the Army are the Deftech LipanBara while the 6X6 is of course the Condor. There is another HMPV in service with the Malaysian contingent in Lebanon – the IAG Guardian – but thats a different story all together .

A Lipan Bara likely from the Armour School in Port Dickson at the Merdeka 2019 rehersal day.

At this juncture,the Army has yet to finalise its plan and even though currently it’s a two KJA programme it could become one, once the dust is settled. However I was told that this had not been decided yet which may lead to a final decision to be made during RMK12 and implemented in RMK13.

Condors of 4 Armor during an exercise in February, 2019. Facebook

The long gestation period of the 6X6 (I first wrote about the indecision back in 2006) overlaps the decision to buy the 8X8. There is a school of thought that the Army should just buy the Gempita 6X6 to replace the Condors still in service with the three Armor regiments – 2 KAD, 3 KAD and 4 KAD. Both the 2 KAD and 3 KAD have already been equipped with the Gempita though likely with Support companies only. The 4 KAD based in Sarawak has yet to be equipped with any Gempita though.


Gempita from 2 Armor at a recent parade. BTDM

However with many companies pushing their 6X6 to the Army and the new policy of open competition in Malaysian procurement it is likely that the Gempita and it smaller siblings 6X6 needs to fend off its other contenders.

Hanwa Tigon 6X6 APC

It is the same thing with the LipanBara. An open competition is the most likely outcome when and once the decision to buy new HMPV is approved and funded. Unless they decide to merge the 6X6 and HMPV programmes of course. Or simply buy the Gempita

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