Revival of 6X6 – DSA 2018 Shorts

KUALA LUMPUR: Revival of the 6X6. One of the most surprising aspect of DSA 2018 is the appearance of two 6X6 armored vehicles in the exhibition halls. They are the FNSS PARS 6X6 and the Hanwa Defense Vehicles Tigon 6X6.

While the Pars 6X6 had been exhibited by FNSS before, the Tigon made its debut here courtesy of AVP Engineering, the Selangor-based company which is well known for the supply of fire engines to Bomba. Two year ago at DSA 2016, AVP Engineering displayed a MAN TGM 18.280 4X4 BB trucks it was supplying to the Army.

This time around it is displaying the Tigon which according to Shepards Media will be undergoing trials at Port Dickson after DSA 2018. Such trials are conducted routinely after every DSA as it gave the opportunity for exhibitors to show off their vehicles in their elements. It is also a good way to justify the cost of shipping the vehicles here for exhibitions as they will undergo trials here. Apart from the Tigon and PARS 6X6 , Kembara Suci, which had work on the Lipan Bara and Scorpion upgrade also offered a 6X6 armoured vehicle in its catalogue.

Hanwa Tigon 6X6 APC

It is unknown which local company FNSS is partnering for the PARS 6X6 as Deftech is not interested in such vehicles as its promoting the Condor upgrade program. It is unknown whether the PARS 6X6 will also undergo trials as does the Tigon.


The word whispered around the hall that the 6X6 APC is not an official Army program. As I had reported previously the Army was looking for new 6X6 for the Malaysian contingent (MALCON) in Lebanon. However, the requirement was KIVed after MALCON was moved to a new area of responsbility which suited 4X4 vehicles instead of 6X6. Hence the decision to go with the Guardians.

I guess we have to wait for another few months or so before if anything will come out from the trials in PD.

— Malaysian Defence

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