Optics Galore – DSA 2018 Shorts

An Aimpoint red dot optic with an extender fitted on an M$ at SMEO Ordnance booth.

KUALA LUMPUR: Optics galore. All of the Army’s infantry units equipped with M4 carbines and FN Minimis are issued with combat optics for operations. The optics are not issued for parades, displays and training exercises, says an Army officer familiar with the matter. He did not say why the Army has the policy.

So far only infantry soldiers with the Future Soldier System platoon have been photographed in exercises and displays with their optic equipped M4 carbines.

An Aimpoint red dot optic with an extender fitted on an M4 at SMEO Ordnance booth.

The optics already in service are the Aimpoints and Trijicon while Canadian made Elcans was recently introduced despite its premium price, according to the officer. He says the Army may look for other optics as well as the in-service ones are rather pricey though he did not identify the ones they are looking at.

A mannequin fitted with the Army’s Future Soldier System together with an optic equipped M4 Carbine at DSA 2018.

The Army is also getting a new body armour ensemble later this year. The contract was awarded to Sykt. Usahawan PSE last year. It is likely that new ensemble will be in the Army’s new digital camo. Usahawan PSE which did not take part in DSA 2018 was the main supplier of uniforms to the military before it was superseded by Jakel Sdn Bhd for the new digital camouflage.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Spotted TD infantry fielding ACOGs over their M4s while patrolling KL Sentral awhile back.

  2. In not complaining but I’m very surprised that all the 35 odd battalions have optics for their rifles and LMGs. Perhaps the question to ask is whether optics are widely issued within units or whether only small quantities are available in each of the units? Also, if optics are not issued during exercises (I fail to see why) then apart from at the range when will troops get practice? Anyhow it’s high time the M-4s and support weapons receive optics.

    Some more than others….

  3. Marhalim, that extender is Aimpoint 3X or possibly 4x magnifier. It is a quite common practice among SF operators to power up their 1.5x scope such as the T1 micro and T2 to enable them see targets further.

  4. Prolly colt 3x scope, not unlike the scope on AUG (although AUG is 1.5x)

    It,s pretty cheap especially when bought in bulk.

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