FSS Platoon at NCO Exercise

SHAH ALAM: THE Army, specifically the Future Soldier System experimental platoon of the 12th Royal Malay Regiment (Mechanised) has conducted a training exercise synchronised with the Network Centric Operation (NCO) system.
The exercise is being conducted around Dungun and Kuantan, the favourite stomping ground of the 4th Mechanised Brigade, 12 RMR’s parent unit. Around 70 soldiers and officers are involved in the exercise.

The soldiers of the 12th RMR during the NCO exercise. TD picture.

Based on the Army’s Facebook post on the exercise, this was likely the first FSS Experimental Platoon exercise with the NCO. Indeed the Army dubbed the exercise as Network Centric Operation (NCO) Army Exercise 2017.

Soldiers of the 12th RMR on the move during the NCO exercise. TD picture.

The NCO system was officialy inaugurated last year. Quoted below are parts of the post.

The FSS experimental platoon at the exercise opening ceremony.

NCO Phase 1A became operational in Dec 2015 with the implementation of the X-Band satellite communication link. Under the NCO, the three services of the Armed Forces shared situational awareness and common operating picture using satelitte-based data link. It was hoped under the NCO, the three services will achieve self-synchronisation in operations.

At the moment, most of the NCO capability are mostly with the RMAF and RMN although some of the Army’s legacy system have also been integrated with the same system.

Among the legacy systems which had been NCO-enabled are the Army’s Grup Pertahanan Artileri Udara TRML-3D radar, Battery Control Post, Igla Vehicle Mounted Manpads, the Future Soldier System experimental platoon and ACV 300 command and control vehicle and the Land Rover Fixed for Radio.

The soldiers of the 12th RMR at the NCO exercise opening ceremony.

The FSS experimental platoon was likely supported by the ACV300 Command and Control Vehicle which was fitted with the NCO system and with other NCO vehicles.

Mobile X-band link fitted on Land Cruiser Prados part of the NCO system.

From the pictures, it is likely that exercise concentrated on getting the FSS Experimental Platoon to spear head the other units not equipped with the NCO system. The Army FSS program is meant to equip its infantry units with high tech gear backed by a networked array of communication and navigation equipment,

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