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HTMS Chakri Nareubet.

SINGAPORE: Inside, Outside. Defence Minister DS Hishammuddin Hussein met with Japanese ambassador to Malaysia, Makio Miyagawa, at his office at Wisma Pertahanan today (May 16, 2017).

The discussion among others discussed regional issues and the possibility of Malaysia getting surplus Japanese asset, according to a post on the minister’s communications official Twitter account.

Among those who attended the meeting were defence ministry’s officials and also RMAF Chief Jen Affendi Buang.

Hishammuddin flanked by Miyagawa and Affendi after the meeting. H20 twitter.

Since Jen Affendi attended the meeting, we can assumed the air force has now been officially informed the possibility of Malaysia acquiring surplus Japanese asset.

Japan P-3C

As the post did not say what surplus asset, we have to assume that it will be the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force P-3C Orions which have been discussed, previously, here and here.

Hopefully, we will get something more on the issue during the interview scheduled to be held next week in conjunction with the RMAF anniversary on June 1.

By the way, here at the opening of IMDEX 2017, Singapore Defence Minister Eng Eng Hen announced that the country is acquiring two more Type-218SG to complement the two contracted for

A model of the Type-218SG displayed at IMDEX 2017.

From Today

The latest additions will bring the total number of Type 218 submarines in the RSN fleet to four.

“In addition to the two previously announced, the RSN will acquire two more Type-218SG submarines to replace its older submarines, with an expected delivery from 2024 onwards,” Dr Ng announced to an audience of leaders from the defence establishment and armed forces chiefs.

“At steady state, the four Type-218SGs in service will complement each other in maintenance, logistics and operations, and have better capabilities to protect our SLOCs (sea lines of communications).”

The acquisition of the first two Type 218SG submarines was announced in 2013, and are expected to be delivered in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

Built by German multinational conglomerate ThyssenKrupp AG, the Type 218SG submarine contract includes a logistics package and a training arrangement for RSN submariners in Germany.

The RSN currently has four Swedish-made boats from two classes of submarines, the Challenger-class and Archer-class.

The two existing Challenger-class submarines are expected to be retired in the next few years, with the four Type 218SG submarines expected to replace them.

It’s likely that the two Archers will be retired once the two new 218SGs are operational, likely around 2030.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. That RMAF Chief…

    I wonder if you can trust anything that comes out from his mouth ever again…

    Yes, honestly I am more worried about his minister

  2. Does Japan market their type 10 mbt? It’s lightweight thou…

    Not really sure about Army needing new armour

  3. @Danerhetoric

    Japan has a stringent arms export ban laws, so it’s unlikely they’ll sell their Type 10 MBTs. :V

    Also, South Korea did offer to sell 210 K1M MBTs, a proposed variant of their K1-88, to Malaysia contract in 1997, but we decided it was too many and chose to go with Polish PT-91M in 2003 instead.

    If the Malaysian Army need more spare parts for their PT-91M, my Polish friend from a forum told me that there is some news from 2015/2016 that one of their armoured divisions ordered parts for the PT-91 tanks. And they need to be produced.

  4. Tyvm Marharlim. This latest model of Type 218SG design seem more more closer to real deal. It bigger then Dolphin 2 and i guess same weapons. For sistem similar with Doplhin 2 plus DSTA SG sistem…i guess.

    The Archer..i hear they be around for longer time like the challenger..a lot of money pour into Archer…my guess even after 2030. It RSN intention to have full squadron of 6 AIP sub for a long time. It also give DSTA much needed underwater hull for technology trials like wut happen to challenger. It may or may not be replace with 3rd batch of Type 218SG or newer sub? Type 219SG?

    For RSN the thing to watch is 1) JMMS 2) MPA and 3) new frigate to replace Victory.

    Yes perhaps they will retained the Archers longer. Its not about the money that had been poured previously or not but rather the money they want to spend to keep them operating into the future

  5. This should have been obvious to everyone. 2 boats is not enough to provide consistent coverage. You have to account for maintenance, crew training and refit periods and the simple fact submarines take time to transit to and from their operational areas.

    Although “a lot of money pour into Archer” it doesn’t mean the boats will be competitive in 2030. If a navy can afford it, it will surely want more of its advanced classes.

    You can hint at all kinds of underwater black projects but there is no indication Singapore is even in the business. Tomahawk will surely disagree. Contrary to what he said, there is also no indication that surplus Challenger hulls were used for technology trials. They were used for training (for sub and ASW crews alike) and as spare part sources for the operational boats.

  6. ST Marine reveal larger Endurance 170 LHD coming at 19000 tons ..larger then Dokdo at full load…base on Endurance 160. Ter is space for ramp for STVOL jet like F35B.

    I wonder if it posibel for joint colaboartion with My for such large scale projek.My can buy the LHD. If and Sg has 2 each or 4 in total it be a strong deterent. The poltiks btw Sg and My is now gd enugh for such colaboaration.

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