International Maritime Review and IMDEX 2017

Some of RSN warships and submarines berthed at the Changi naval base which allowed the press to visit as part of IMDEX 2017the event.

SHAH ALAM: As hinted in the previous post I was in Singapore the other day or two for the Singapore International Maritime Review and IMDEX 2017. The IMR was held on May 15 in conjunction with the RSN’s Golden Jubilee.

There were 46 ships – 28 foreign ships from 20 navies, 16 ships from RSN and two from the Police Coast Guard boats and four RSAF aircraft – gathered at RSS Singapura, Changi naval base and surrounding waters for the occasion.

Some of RSN warships and submarines berthed at the Changi naval base as part of the event.

The highlight of the IMR was, of course, the appearance of Thailand aircraft carrier, HTMS Chakri Naruebet and Japan helicopter carrier, JS Izumo. I believed this was the first visit to Singapore by both carriers. Both were berthed at the naval base as they were too big to berth at sea for the fleet review conducted by Singapore president Tony Tan.

A view from HTMS Chakri Naruebet ski-jump. Courtesy of MD.

Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues, I was unable to board none of the vessels taking part nor the others taking part in the IMR.

JS Izumo.

Most of the pictures here were taken during the IMR as I was given access to the event.

RSN latest ship, RSS Independence which took the VIPs for the fleet review.

As for the RMN, KD Lekir was the sole participant in the IMR. KD Jebat initially was supposed to take part but she did not make it to Changi naval base. It is likely Jebat had other pressing operational commitments.

KD Lekir.

By the way, it appears that Singapore had settled on Rafael Typhoon RWS as its standard remote weapon system as the mount are installed on not only RSN ships but also patrol boats of the coast guard as shown from the pictures.

Sandbar Shark, police Coast Guard, Singapore.

Apart from Chakri Nareubet, Thailand frigate HTMS Naresuan, also took part in the IMR. I believed this was the first time Naresuan had taken part in an international fleet review following her upgrades which started in 2011.

A close up of HTMS Naresuan superstructure which afforded a better view of the newly installed Saab hardware.

The China-built frigate now sports the Saab’s 9LV MK4 combat management system, Sea Giraffe AMB radar, CEROS 200 fire control radar, EOS 500 electro-optics system and data link systems.

JS Izumo
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  1. Its kinda confusing that Izumo and her sister, Kaga was also designated as ‘Helicopter Destroyer’ despite being similar to LHDs or LHAs…

    That was the thing they wanted though everyone was not fooled.

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