Guardians Soon To Lebanon – DSA 2018 Shorts

IAG Guardian displayed at Weststar booth at DSA 2018 equipped with an unknown RWS.

KUALA LUMPUR: Guardians Soon to Lebanon. The IAG Guardians meant for the Malaysian contingent (Malcon) in Lebanon are expected to enter service soon. The nine vehicles are waiting clearance from Lebanon authorities before the Malcon contingent could take possession of the vehicles.

The Guardians will be armed with a pintle mounted GPMGs and not a RWS as a nod to the Lebanese aversion to surveillance cameras especially non-intrusive ones. There is a requirement for another dozen or so of similar vehicles to the Guardians as well a number utility vehicles and wreckers to replace the current Malcon transportation inventory. However, no time lines for the other vehicles are available.

IAG Guardian displayed at Weststar group booth at DSA 2018. The Malcon version will be equipped with pintle mounted GPMGs.

It was announced last year that tthe Guardians had been purchased to replace the Condors which had been in service with Malcon since early 2007. The Guardians were purchased as part of the Starstreak missiles programme signed between the government and Global Komited, the defence subsidiary of Weststar group.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Actually we can get a license to manufacture this vehicle n use issue it yo both the armoured n mechanised units. Can also be supplied to the para

  2. Do we actually have economics of scale to justify producing it locally? What advantages will be gained to produce it locally? Will it be cheaper than buying it outright from the OEM? Doubt it.

  3. Why do you even need a license to manufacture something like this? This is just a big truck with armoured panel built on top of it, not too different to cash in transit vehicles that banks use.

    Specifically the IAG Guardian is built on top of a Ford Super Duty F-550. Please take a look inside the Guardian, it even retains the whole dashboard and steering of the ford super duty.

    IAG Guardian dashboard

    Btw i have been writing some of the what-ifs in my mind on the 3 division armoured capabilities. In short

    1 brigade to transform into armoured brigade with 2 tank regiment and 1 mechanized battalion with tracked IFV. 2 former infantry battalion in 1 brigade to be transferred to 4th division.

    4 brigade to transform into all gempita formation. This needs the gempita batch 2 of around 200 units.

    7 brigade to get 4×4 MRAP that costs less than the condor upgrade.

    All armoured regiments to be a mixture of gempita and J-LTV 50%/50%. Move the vintaqs recce capability to the J-LTV as it is a more smaller agile platform to do recce. Fire support in 7 brigade to also use J-LTV.

    1 each indipendent mechanized battalion in 1st div and 5th div with 4×4 MRAP as per 7 brigade.

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