BNS NGPV Concept – DSA 2018 Shorts

KUALA LUMPUR: BNS NGPV Concept. Boustead Naval Shipyard is displaying a model of its conceptual design for the second batch New Generation Patrol Vessel at DSA 2018. Under the RMN 15-to-5 transformation plan, 12 NGPV Batch 2 will complement the six Kedah class patrol vessel already in service.

Unlike the original batch, the navy wants the NGPV Batch 2 as a gun ship only to reduce cost hence the concept design displayed by BNS. The Kedah class was wired for missiles under the Fitted for But Not Equipped concept though it will never be armed with them.

BNS conceptual NGPV Batch 2.

For the conceptual NGPV Batch 2, BNS will use the hull of the Kedah-class as it had paid for the rights. The superstructure will be in one piece similar to the LCS and it will be equipped with a funnel or two depending on customer’s preference.

Two Kedah class, KD Kelantan (175) and KD Selangor (176) berthed at Lumut jetty in early 2014. The ship on the other side is KD Mahawangsa. Malaysian Defence

The model is fitted with a single 57mm gun forward and a 30mm gun aft. It uses the same Airbus TRS-3D radar as well as two Contraves EO device (forward and aft) as on the LCS. The engines will be the same or a variant of the Caterpillar ones as on the Kedah class is to power the new ships.

A graphic of the Kedah Batch 2. via ….

As for cost, a BNS official says it will be less than RM500 million or probably even lower depending on the final configuration by the navy.

— Malaysian Defence

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