Cold Feet – DSA 2018 Shorts

KUALA LUMPUR: Cold Feet. Although RMN Chief Adm Kamarulzaman Badaruddin had said that the service will unveil the design of the MRSS at DSA 2018, it appears that will not happen.

I was told that the Defense Ministry officials were concerned how such a move will be digested ahead of the general elections on May 9. Furthermore funding for the MRSS remained elusive and it is not seen as good move to unveil the chosen design ahead of confirmed allocation.

The MRSS contenders, models are not to scale.

When asked about this Kamarulzaman confirmed the three models displayed at the RMN’s booth were “a general idea of the design for the MRSS”. As we reported earlier, the three models were the high, medium and low end designs being considered for the MRSS program

On the conceptual designs of the NGPV and LMS batch 2 displayed at BHIC booth, Kamarulzaman says they were preliminary ones based on the current requirements and more, importantly funding, under the 15-to-5 plan.

“The requirements will change when we have the necessary funding. If we have funds for missiles and other capabilities, of course we will put them on the ships.”

— Malaysian Defence

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