GGK LSV – DSA 2018 Shorts

The GGK Glover Webb LSV at 2015 Army demonstration at Port Dickson.

KUALA LUMPUR: GGK LSV. Most of are you are aware that the Special Services Group or Grup Gerak Khas (GGK) operates a small number of Glover Webb Light Strike Vehicles (LSV). These vehicles are long in the tooth and with the recent RM50 million allocation for the GGK the Army is looking to replace the LSV with new ones.

DSA 2018 of course gave the opportunities to display the potential LSV with four on display at the exhibition hall. Three of them are displayed by Malaysian companies with one from the UAE.

Weststar GK-MK1 SOV

Nimr a state owned UAE company displays two of its vehicles. The LSV candidate is the Ajban Long Range Special Operations Vehicle. In late 2017, NIMR announced a partnership agreement with Deftech to market its vehicles in Malaysia. The absence of the UAE’s company products at the Malaysian company booth probably meant that agreement had not developed further.

Cendana Auto SOV prototype

The other Malaysian offerings are from Kembara Suci Sdn Bhd with its 4X4 LSV, Weststar (GK-M1 SOV) and Cendana Auto which is building its custome made chassis for the GGGK requirements.

Kembara Suci SOV offering

I was also told that the GGK was also offered a Turkish made LSV which was not displayed at the show. Trials for the LSV are expected later this year though it is unknown whether all of the vehicles mentioned here will actually be invited to take part in them.


— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Nice designs.

    For the local offerings, the KSSB one looks the best. But all 3 of the offerings has questionable rollcage design. The Nimr looks like it really has proper engineering calculations done on it, looking at the beefy rollcage and design placements such as sling attachments for helicopter lift, locations of steps, armoured windscreen and gun pintles.

    If it is me to decide… i am a big DAGOR fan haha

  2. Beli nimr tu je la.. nampak moden.. bole appoint consultant untuk upgrade ikut msian spec.. tak payah nak pikir lagi 8 ke 10 tahun nak tukar baru.. duit bole saving beli combat planes..

  3. Btw the RM50 million budget is not that much actually.

    The requirement is for “less than 20” new LSV that can be deployed by helicopter, which in malaysia’s case can be sling loaded under a nuri or EC725.

    The NIMR abjan weighs nearly 5 tons, so that is barely what a nuri or EC725 can lift.

    The malaysian options should be lighter, but is all the lifting points strong enough for it to be hung under a helicopter?

    Still IMO, just buy a DAGOR and be done with it. It costs usd150k, that is less than rm600k per vehicle. Already tested to be able to be sling loaded under a blackhawk.

    Weststar was the agent which sold the Dagor to the police for use at ESSCOM last time around. I am not sure whether they will compete it together with their own GK-MK1 SOV though

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