New Guns for the Army – DSA 2018 Shorts

Nexter 105LG1 gun displayed at DSA 2018.

KUALA LUMPUR: As expected the contract (letter of award) for the 105mm LG1 gun is to be awarded to ADS Sdn Bhd, the local agent for Nexter, on the third day of DSA 2018 (Apr. 18).

ADS will also signed an agreement with Nexter to facilitate the procurement. As reported here previously the new 105mm guns will go to artillery regiment 1 RAD Para – attached to the 10th Para Brigade. Two of the 105mm guns will be shipped directly from French completely assembled. The rest will be assembled here by ADS.

Nexter 105mm LG1 gun displayed at DSA 2018

The first guns are expected to arrive here within 16 months time with the rest delivered within 24 months.

1 RAD soldiers getting preparing their 105 pack howitzer at recent exercise. BDTM online

Nexter is also reportedly bringing the latest variant of its 155mm Caesar truck mounted howitzer for trials within the next few months.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Jen. Zulkilfli is quoted (by perajurit magazine) as saying that the reason the army is choosing the LG1 is because of its relative simplicity compared to its contemporary

  2. Things to note is the quantity and the price of the contract.

    The usual LG1 price is around USD1 million per gun.

    With that in mind, it is not a big ask if all the pack howitzers be replaced with the LG1 in the next RMK.

  3. Caesar price meanwhile, in in the range of USD3 million each.

    Btw any news on the M109A5+ and the MD530s?

  4. ADS Sdn Bhd? i can’t google it… sorry to say, when can we stop this kind of middle man job for defence procurement?

  5. After The LG1 was Signed and On Delivery, Why don’t the army can make a Program Whealed 155mm as for the Canidates (Archer and CAESAR). So it will be easier for army to complete a new Regiment for the Artillery.

  6. Unless Nexter is willing to open its subsidiary here we will always go with this middle person

    If something broke or need troubleshooting they’re the one the army is going to look for first. It’s not that different with local vendor that install computer at universities or x ray machine at clinics

    Case in point, aselsan is opening aselsan malaysia sdn bhd for afterservice of its guns

  7. It’s a common practice by MOF that requires any bidder for Malaysian Government contracts to be done via local agent or representative.This has been ongoing since long ago with mostly the local agents or rep are bumi

  8. Dundun’s correct. Nothing’s wrong with appointed local agents but their competencies must be confirmed.

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