Cooler Heads Prevail – DSA 2018 Shorts

Vamtac with the Rapid Ranger turret at DSA 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Cooler Heads Prevail. Weststar’defense subsidiary, Global Komited, is displaying an Uro Vamtac 4X4 vehicle fitted with the Thales Rapid Ranger turret at the company’s showcase at DSA 2018.

This was the first time, Global Komited had displayed the RapidRanger turret on a Vamtac vehicle. Two years ago it was Destini, the local agent for the Vamtacs which had initialy displayed the turret on one of its vehicles. The turret was removed after Global Komited, according to various industry and military officials, complained to the show organisers.

Vamtac with Rapid Ranger turret.

These sources also said at that point Global Komited was planning to install the RapidRanger turret on its own manufactured vehicle, GK-M1 weapons platform, much to the chagrin of the GAPU officials. With the appearance of the Vamtac RapidRanger vehicle we can assumed that the plan had been cancelled.
IAG Guardian

Tucked in the back of the rather small booth was an IAG Guardian, the same MRAP vehicle of which six had been procured for the Malaysian contingent in Lebanon. It is in desert gray and fitted with an unknown type of RWS, armed with what appears to be a ,50 calibre machinegun. I will report further on these vehicles and Global Komited in the next couple of days.

— Malaysian Defence

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