Its The MD600N Lah – DSA 2018 Shorts

Sapura Aviation MD500 displayed at DSA 2018

KUALA LUMPUR: Regular reader and commenter Ed Liew says there’s a different sort MD530G helicopter displayed at DSA 2018.

As today was the first time I went to MITEC, the venue of DSA 2018, I can safely say Ed was not really accurate in his comments.

The helicopter he saw was MD600N being displayed at Invation Aero booth, the joint company between Sapura Aero and Destini. It was painted in a garish gray camo.

A file picture of a MD600N helicopter

No, there is no MD530G displayed at DSA 2018 apart from a huge wall poster, Ed.

– Malaysian Defence.

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  1. Lol, my bad. Just got a glimpse of it while driving pass the loading bay area. Still, the paint job does look less busy as compare to ours. Looking forward to your hopefully daily update on the show. Will miss out on this year show though as I need to travel overseas.

  2. Any news from Others Marhalim.. im waiting for MPA and Nexter.

    And Please, MRCA is Nothing for me anymore. If ATR-72 Was Chosen by the Goverment. Good bless us as it is Low Cost.

  3. Is a good thing if private sector or other enforcement use a similar machine. Maintainence n spare part will much better… Hope there is some big defence deal sign during 2018 even election is near by.

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