New Upgraded Condor Prototype

BANGKOK: New Condor. At the Merdeka Parade this year, two prototype Condors took part in the parade. One was the APC variant while the other was the logistics version. At the Defence and Security Exhibition ( DSE) here today, another newly upgraded Condor was displayed for the first time.

The upgraded C- patern Condor prototype at Chaiseri booth.

This Condor was upgraded by Chaiseri, Deftech’s Thailand collaborator, the original manufacturer of Lipan Bara. The upgraded Condor in the APC guise is the main attraction of Chaiseri showcase at DSE.

The N-pattern Condor , ZA 9474 which took part in the recent Merdeka parade. It features new air intakes, beefier suspension and new larger, weapon shield for its 7.62mm GPMG.

Apparently the two Condor prototypes that took part in the Merdeka parade were upgraded at Deftech plant in Nilai, Negri Sembilan while the one shown here was done at Chaiseri plant in Thailand. As there are two versions of the upgraded Condor APCs, I will refer the one upgraded at Nilai as the N-pattern vehicle while the Thai one as the C-pattern.

A side view of the C- pattern Condor prototype.

At first glance both APC prototypes looked the same but the one displayed here look more polished even though it has yet to be fitted with the grenade launchers. The C-pattern is also fitted with the same turret manufactured by Chaiseri as used on the Lipanbara.

The back of the C-pattern Condor prototype. It no longer sport the two box compartments on both side of the rear door. The compartment on the left housed the condenser unit for the original Condor.

From the pictures you will noticed next to the driver’s compartment, there is an air intake and a hatch cover. This items were added to accommodate a new three litre engine fitted to the Condor.

Inside the C-pattern Condor.

On the N-pattern Condor that took part in the Merdeka Parade there was a single air intake next to the driver’s compartment (which …commented on).I was told the air intake and hatch cover on both vehicles were necessary to accommodate the new engine fitted on them

The graphic detailing the C-pattern Condor

The C-pattern Condor also has a new air conditioning system and even the condenser which were placed at the back in a box outside the hull in the rear have now been moved inside the cabin. This allow the elimination of the box like compartment on the hull next to the rear door.

A standard Condor ZA 9487 armed with a 20mm cannon which took part in the 2017 Merdeka Day parade rehersal.

I was told the Army has yet to decide which pattern vehicle will be selected for the remanufacturing program. Furthermore if money was available, a new 6X6 could be bought instead. Of course this will depend whether there is money available for new vehicles or not.

— Malaysian Defence

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