BAE Systems Buys South African Iguana LAV. Is it the Deftech AV4 in Drag?

KUALA LUMPUR: The Press release below is self explainatory. But I am wondering whether the purchase would also affect Deftech AV4 LAV, which looks pretty much like the Iguana. If it walks like duck, talks like a duck.

From Jane’s Armour and Artillery.
DEFTECH AV4 light armoured vehicle (Malaysia), Armoured personnel carriers (wheeled)

Development of the DEFTECH AV4 (4 × 4) light armoured vehicle commenced in early 2005 by DRB-HICOM Defence as a private venture for the home and potential export markets.AV4 ran for the first time in February 2006 before making its first official appearance at the Defence Services Asia 2006 Exhibition held in Malaysia.This is the first armoured fighting vehicle to be designed and built in Malaysia and is very similar to the Belgian Sabiex International Iguana (4 × 4) vehicle which is based on the German Mercedes-Benz automotive components. Full details of this vehicle are given in a separate entry.The Malaysian vehicle is however a little larger, has increased payload and is in right-hand-drive configuration. The Belgian Sabiex International Iguana is in left-hand-drive configuration.DRB-HICOM Defence Technologies have extensive experience in the assembly and manufacture of wheeled military tactical vehicles.More recently the company have been involved in the assembly some of Turkish FNSS Savunma Sistemleri Systems Armoured Combat Vehicle (ACV) tracked infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) and variants supplied to Malaysia.The Royal Malaysian Police have placed a contract with DEFTECH covering the supply of two production AV4 (4 x 4) light armoured vehicles that will be optimised for the police role.

Deftech AV4
Deftech AV4

Iguana LAV, RG34
Iguana LAV, RG34

BAE Systems Buys South African Iguana Light Armoured Vehicle.
BAE Systems has bought the South African-designed and developed Iguana light armoured vehicle. The vehicle will be rebranded as the RG34 and marketed to military, peace-keeping and security authorities worldwide.

The RG34 has a unique multilink hydro-pneumatic suspension mounted on a very rigid structure, which gives the vehicle exceptional road performance, a small turning circle and comfortable clearance over humps.

The RG vehicle is mine resistant and can be used for multipurpose light operations such as reconnaissance, patrol, command and control, specialist support, light armour combat and security.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Met the designer of the AV4 at a dinner back in 2004. he’s South African, used to work for Denel.

    Marhalim: So which one was the first born?

  2. what happened to the “belilah barangan buatan Malaysia” slogan?

    Marhalim: Slogans are bombastic things made up by people who never believe in them but expect others to do the same…..

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