Adnan SLEP

SHAH ALAM: Adnan SLEP. The Army is conducting a study on extending the lives of the Adnan APC as the vehicles entered its 15th year of service (more or less). Not much is known about the programme so far as it is in the early stages of the planning cycle. It is likely however it will be similar to the MIFV upgrade which involved mostly overhauling or replacing the engines and running gears.

It is likely that the Army wants the Adnan SLEP to start in the next funding cycle, RMK12, starting from 2021. Of course they could wait until RMK13 but that’s a bridge too far.

Adnan with 120mm mortar preparing to fire a round. 12th RMR.

For the MIFV upgrade, work was done by the Army’s 91 Workshop at the Batu Kantomen camp with the Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery Ltd, the OEM together with two local companies in 2001. Although Malaysia originally bought 111 MIFV for the Bosnian UN mission it is unknown how many were actually upgraded and new things added to the vehicles.
Adnans on the firing line at Gemas. 12th RMR

As for the Adnan SLEP it is yet to be known whether the Army will do it themselves with the cooperation of the OEM (Deftech and FNSS of Turkey) or with other companies. The extend of the upgrades is also up in the air but it is likely see the Adnans served (if it is funded, of course) until 2030.
An Adnan firing its 25mm Bushmaster gun. 12th RMR.

It is also interesting to note that the Pendekar MBT is also due for a life extension programme soon, probably during the same time line as the Adnan which will squeeze the Army’s budget especially with the Gempita programme being extended until RMK12 (early part).
An Adnan firing an 81mm mortar at the Gemas range. 12th RMR

Like her sister services, the Army’s upgrade proposals have had a bad track record due to their normal funding difficulties. The two upgrade programmes proposed in the recent past – the Scorpion and Condor – appears to be at a stand-still and looked increasingly shaky.
Adnans from 12th RMR training with 4th KAJD at a recent exercise at Gemas. 12th RMR

The Adnans are in service namely in the 4th Mechanised Brigade, with two units from the RMR, 12th and 14th and the 7th Royal Ranger Regiment, the current Army’s ready batallion.
Soliders from the 12th RMR in a recent exercise. Note the red training rounds on their RPG launchers, likely the RPG training rounds ordered earlier this year. 12th RMR FB

A total of 211 Adnans were bought between 2002 and 2004 with another 56 purchased in 2010 including eight equipped with 120mm TDA mortar.

— Malaysian Defence

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