Museum Ship of the Navy

SHAH ALAM: Museum Ship of the navy. KD Hang Tuah has been formally declared as the museum ship of the navy in a ceremony at the Lumut naval base on Nov. 21.

The ceremony is part of the RMN 15 to 5 transformation plan. Under the plan the navy will reduce the number of ship types from 15 to 5. Unlike other ships, Hang Tuah will not be decommissioned but instead will keep it’s commission but will now be known as a museum ship from today onwards.

KD Hang Tuah

The ship will berthed at the RMN jetty at the Lumut naval base until the new navy museum also located in Lumut is completed.
A CGI of the future RMN museum. Arkitek Kamal Alwi.

The RMN has also launched its first drone squadron today. The squadron will operate the Boeing Insitu Scaneagle 2 UAV. The Scaneagles were gifted by the United States under the Maritime Security Initiative programme.
A Scan Eagle launches from a pneumatic wedge catapult launcher on the flight deck aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Saipan. US Navy picture.

Apart from Malaysia the US has donated the Scaneagles to Philippines and Indonesia under the same programme, this year.
Scaneagle UAV, which was deployed at ESSCOM under a contract to Deftech previously.

The two Scaneagle systems are to be delivered next year. A standard Scaneagle system composed of a launcher/receiver; a command and control system and three air vehicles. Previously, Deftech operated the Scaneagle UAV under a contract with the Defence Ministry. The contract, operated in the ESSCOM AOR, lapsed without being renewed after all air vehicles were lost in accidents.

– Malaysian Defence

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