DSA 2012: Third Day

KUALA LUMPUR: As expected the contracts signed during DSA 2012 was pretty anemic. With the general elections just around the corner, it was expected.

VVIPS at the DSA 2012 contract signing ceremony. No white uniform at the front seats.

Five contracts valued at RM357.2 was signed today, a huge hit from the amount signed at DSA 2010, around RM2 billion as Deftech AV-8 deal was only a letter of intent.

The list of vendors for the AV8 project

Four of the contracts worth RM250.8 million are for the supply of ammunition of various calibre, rocket propelled grenades from RUAG), disposable light anti-tank weapons (LAW M72A9 version optimised for anti-structure) and smoke grenade launchers for the Malaysian Army.

The other contract is for the supply of 35 RVV-AE medium range missiles worth RM106.4 million for the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s Sukhoi Su-30MKM multi-role combat aircraft. This will be the first the R-77 will be delivered to Malaysia as none had been supplied before despite rumours to the contrary.

Apart from the five contracts, CTRM signed a RM10 millon deal with Insitu Pacific Pty Ltd for the Scaneagle Unmanned System. The contract is for 3 air vehicles and two command and control module. Is this deal means the end of Aludra?

Scaneagle UAV

Not so fast, CTRM is saying that the Scaneagles (two with day camera and one infra-red for night operations) will complement the Aludra especially for operations in support of Ops Pasir in Sabah. The Aludra will continue to fly from Tawau (Ops Pasir south) while the Scaneagles will be based in Kudat and Semporna (Ops Pasir North).

And by the way, dont think the M4 is the only assault rifle to be manufactured locally. There is plans to built the HK416 locally and branded as HK ATWA. More on this later.

A HK416, a loaner from Paskal. A locally made HK416 soon?

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. The choice of the M72A9 from Ruag as a bunker buster is interesting. I would have thought that the bunker buster version of the C-90, the C-90C would have been selected. This means that we now have Carl Gustavs, RPG-7s and C-90’s. I suspect the M72A9 was bought more for urban ops rather than the ‘bunker buster’ role. The Scaneagle order by CTRM also came as a big surprise to me. For some reason there seems to be no urgency to deploy anything in the Melaka Straits, as everything is in the ‘east’.

    Its Nammo for the bunker buster, RUAG was for RPG ammo. CTRM said they want to use the Scaneagle for Selat Melaka that decision of course belongs to the govt.

  2. Scan eagle is a crap! For Malaysia weather! No new technology the country can learn from it! Hope Our govt realize this!!

    and you know this from where?

  3. I had no idea that Ruag made RPG-7 rounds. Ruag has been doing well here, first the grenade, then the MAPAN 60mm round, now RPG-7 rounds.

    Nammo had previously tried to sell the M72 but lost the contract to Instalanza.


    Ruag makes the rounds for the Panzerfaust 3 ATW for the Swiss Army so it was easy for them to adapt it for the RPG-7. As you know the RPG was itself a copy of the original Panzerfaust used by the Germans in WW2.

  4. I hope ATM buy wisely as sometimes the weapons we buy as we are buying toys. I know that AT4 used by the GGK has other variants AT4 CS, AT8 and AT12. Why buy something new again? May we should have a white paper on what we should like Australia and other countries. The buyings should fit our defence strategy and not buy as we go along.

  5. CTRM Aludra and Scaneagle is about the same specs. the diff between them is the “lastik” launcher. 🙂 same like their current fulmar

    how about the CTRM rotary uav INTISAR? Any updates on it?

    EMT uav from german what happen?

    its a strategic buy…

  6. Sorry Marhalim, but I’m still a bit lost here. Is Ruag producing RPGs rounds or are they just modifying existing Panzerfaust round to fire from RPG-7s? I’ve got no complaints but I’m just puzzled as to why we would buy RPG rounds from Ruag when they can be bought in abundance and for much, much cheaper from other countries – unless of course Ruag is supplying a tandem head version or Bunkerfaust. I was told that a standard Dynamit Nobel Panzerfaust rounds costs about 3,000 Euro. I would assume that Ruag round cost as much. The RPG-7 also comes in a number of varieties to suit ones tastes – http://world.guns.ru/grenade/rus/rpg-7-e.html

    Easkay Nostra, both may share the same specs but we don’t know how the optics and bandwith of the data link compare.

    Yes we are buying RPG rounds from RUAG. RUAG does offer the same MEP warhead for the RPG developed for the Panzerfaust 3 but whether or not this is the one we are buying is beyond me at this moment.

  7. no way aludra has the same spec as scaneagle. The endurance of the scaneagle is more than 20 hours!.

  8. Anon,

    You’re right. If Scaneagle didn’t have much better performance, we wouldn;t be buying it in the first place. Apart from its endurance, my guess would be that the optics have better resoultion and a data link with greater bandwith.

  9. Are we missing something on the cyber warfare front? MAF is silent about any procurement in regard of electronic and cyber warfare..

    Sapura as everyone knows has been given the LOI for the network centric warfare but there is no word yet on when the final contract will be signed. Again money is the issue.

  10. 416 is a good gun! When will the Malaysian army use it? It is probably much more reliable than colt. Will other Hk guns be made here too?

    At the moment, the plan is to manufacture the 416 only apart from pistols. But since the guys did not say they are also building HK pistols, I am assuming they are not.

  11. I was there at the HK booth under mides. Been looking for their booth since last DSA 2010. Finally found them!! Why only display HK416? A couple of SMG’s wouldn’t hurt. Such a disappointment.

    The booth at MIDES was not technically Hks. Those guys were representing Silver Corporation Sdn Bhd who wants to manufacture the 416 locally apart from pistols. HK local distributor did not take part.

  12. Anon,

    20 hrs endurance ????? are you sure? but with 1 type of camera sensors? it have to land and change the sensors during dark. so i assume every operation could be only daylight time, 5-8 hrs??
    requirement for the crew: a pro anglers! 🙂

    yes 20 ++ hours. If you read the posting, you will find out that they bought 3 air vehicles, two with day light camera and one with IR camera. If they start flying at dawn and end at dusk it will be some 10 hours already, probably six hours actual patrol time and four for transit. Compared that to the Aludra with an endurance of around six hours (two hours on station, four on transit) and the fact that it need a fixed runway! There is no need for pro-anglers, the landing is like the rest are automated.

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