Scaneagles in KK

SHAH ALAM: Scaneagles in KK. RMN took formal delivery of six Scaneagles UAV from the United States late yesterday. The delivery took place in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. The Scaneagles including its associated equipment were transported on an Antonov Airlines An-124 airlifter to the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

The arrival of the Scaneagles were announced by the US Embassy in KL on its social media channels.

Crates of the Scaneagles. US Embassy KL.

As you are aware that the Scaneagles were gifted by the US, with another six expected in 2022. From Malaysian Defence post in June, 2019.

The container carrying the drones likely at a warehouse facility at Sepanggar naval base. US Embassy KL

A dozen Scaneagle drones for Malaysia. It appears that Malaysia is getting more Insitu Scaneagle drones for ISR missions. Late last year it was announced that RMN is getting two ScanEagle drone system from the US under Pentagon Maritime Security Initiative. A typical ScanEagle drone system usually has a command launcher unit and three drone airframes, so a two system meant six air frames.

On May 31, the Pentagon announced that Malaysia is getting 12 Scaneagles (four systems). I was told that Malaysia was originally offered six drones with an option for another six. I was told that we had exercised the option so we are getting 12 drones. It is likely the extra ScanEagles were bought for Malaysia under Pentagon’s other security cooperation funds instead of just from the MSI.

The Scaneagleas UAVs in their crates inside the Antonov airlifter. US Embasssy KL

Apart from Malaysia, three other SEA countries are also getting the same drones, namely Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.
RMN has said that the Scaneagles will be based at its Sepanggar naval base though the drones are expected to be deployed around the country, from its ships and also from land bases.

— Malaysian Defence

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