DSA 2012: Fourth Day

KUALA LUMPUR: DSA 2012 ended today. Small contracts and little updates on interesting programmes made this year’s show a rather tame affair. With the general elections just around the corner, I am told either first week of June or September, I am not expecting much news on defence in the next few months.

Special Victorinox Swiss Army knives for Malaysian service, completely mil-spec with black anodised steel. The top one is the model proposed for PDRM General Operations Force while the bottom one was formerly issued by the Armed Forces. It is now a door gifts for VVIPs to the ministry.
Swiss Arms
Swiss Arms 751 7.62mm designated marksman rifle. Fitted with scope and night sight
Beretta MX-4 sub-machine gun
Navantia MILA-6C is a smart computer controlled time-fuzzed underwater limpet mine. It can be fixed by frogmen onto the hull of the ships or be used as demolition charge as well. It has a conical shape and low weight in water. MILA is available in Exercise (reusable & inert) and Combat versions

— Malaysian Defence

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Shah Alam


  1. Wonder how accurate this report is.


    Or is it just an attempt by the TNI-AD to secure funding for Leopards 2s? Makes it sound like we have a whole tank corps rather than a single regiment!! Marhalim, did you ever get a chance to confirm if indeed a 3rd order for ASTROS has been made, as was reported by Kosmos recently?

    It also fail to mention our PT91s are based in Gemas and we have no means to move them out to Sarawak without alerting everyone to the transfer.
    The MLRS deal is on but needed a better timing

  2. Told you nothing will happen. The minister and the generals are preparing their answers ready when there is a change over in the government. Joke! but there is always the possibility.

  3. I imagine that TNI-AD Leo-2 corps in Pontianak (Kalimantan Barat) then MAYBE MAF rushed to get LHD /amphib vessel + dump a new tank regiment at 1st INF DIV to protect Kuching…if TNI-AD put the same tanks at Balikpapan or Samarinda…hehe Tawau will get a tank camp perhaps?…a nitemare for 1st INF DIV

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