Fennec Emergency Landing

SHAH ALAM: Fennec emergency landing. An Airbus AS 555 SN Fennec light twin engine helicopter from Squadron 502 of th RMN air wing made an emergency landing during a routine flight at the Lumut naval base today (June 28, 2021).

A release from the RMN base stated that the crew of the helicopter – which was on a routine operational mission – survived the 12 noon mishap. They were sent to the Armed Forces hospital in the base for further observation. It also said an inquiry board has been set up to investigate the mishap, the first major one involving the six Fennecs since they were put in service in 2004.

RMN Fennec tail number M502-03 being inspected by RMN air wing personnel following the emergency landing. Internet.

The six Fennecs operated by the 502 Squadron with roles ranging from training, transport surveillance, medical evacuation, search and rescue, fire support and special operations missions.
Fennec M502-03 after the emergency landing. Markas ATM.

Based on the pictures of the Fennec – tail number M502-03- I am guessing that the helicopter made the emergency landing within one kilometer from the Air Wing headquarters and airfield where it also operates the Leonardo Super Lynx helicopters of which six are in service.
Squadron 502 logo. Skn 502.

Armed with a pintle mounted GPMG and snipers, the 502 Squadron had fielded the Fennec during Ops Fajar, the Malaysian operation mounted off Gulf of Eden to protect civilian shipping from Somalian pirates.
A combo of pictures of a RMN Fennec landing on KD Terengganu, in 2018. KD Terengganu.

–Malaysian Defence

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