Iveco Gun Towers

Two variants of the Iveco Defence MUV. Iveco Defence

SHAH ALAM: Iveco gun towers. It appears that the Army is getting 36 gun towers mostly likely manufactured by Iveco in Italy or the whereabouts. That is the assumption I am making from the information provided by the MTO tender to ship back the vehicles back here. There is no further information on what type of trucks whether its Iveco or another make that had been bought to meet the gun towing requirements.

The tender for the 36 gun towers was issued in October 2019. We also do’nt know which company won the tender as it has not been updated since it was closed in October, 2019 apart from the bid price’s list.

An Oto Melara 105mm pack howitzer getting reconnected to its Uro Vamtac hauler after firing rounds at the Firepower Exercise 2017.

From the bid price list , we know that there were ten bidders, with bids ranging from the cheapest at RM12.2 million, to the highest at RM15.1 million.

On the way. Artillery men from 1 RAD Nexter 105mm LG1 gun in early 2021. BTDM

As the tender was for vehicles to tow 105mm guns, we can assumed that the Iveco trucks whatever model it is – at least 16 of them – will be used to tow the new Nexter 105mm LG1 howitzers assigned to the 1 Battalion of RAD with the 10th Para Brigade.

1 RAD soldiers getting preparing their 105mm pack howitzer at an exercise in 2020. BDTM

The battalion used to tow its Oto Melara 105mm pack howitzers with the Uro Vamtac 4X4 trucks.

A GK-M1 gun tower with an Oto Melara 105mm pack howitzer at Merdeka Day parade rehersal in August 2019.

Some of the current close support battalions of the RAD are also using the Weststar GK-M1 one tonners as gun towers.

Two variants of the Iveco Defence MUV. Iveco Defence

I have no idea what truck was chosen as the new gun tower but I am guessing it may well be from Iveco. If it is indeed from the Italian manufacturer, it may well be the Multi Utility Vehicle from Iveco Defence or a modified variant of the Iveco 4X4 Daily, the commercial version of the MUV.

IVECO Daily 4×4. Iveco

As we have chosen an Iveco 4X4 Daily for the Signals Corps Multi Role Communication System (MRCS) truck, chances are another Daily variant could be chosen as the gun towers. The commercial version will be cheaper than the military optimised one like the MUV.

The Iveco Daily MRCS going through the off-road circuit early this year. BTDM

I stand to be corrected of course. Anyhow we will have the answers soon once these vehicles are on the road with their units.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. I suspect this order might be for replacement of the GKM1 towers as with the recent FFR truck tender to replace the GKM1 FFR.

  2. Ha…i guess ATM for go the idea of small,nimble,cramp work place…..
    ATM mind set have to change…either pay the uniform man what they are worth or lose these men n women to civilian work force…the conscript allowances in the SOUTH is way higher then ATM regulars.
    Or give them the comfort of working in the field…spacious work place…lightening their work load for those who work day in day out in the field…with todays technologies…
    Big example…simplified their military attire ( reduction of dress n uniform )
    Upgrade camps to a more modern out look….etc etc
    Most importantly adopting ENGLISH language in military institutions….so these men n women are more comfortable dealing with foreigners during exercises n overseas deployments.

  3. @joe

    I don’t think so the army want replace GK-M1 with the Iveco. Probably they want replaced the old pinzgauer truck, because pinzgauer also have gun tower variant. Meanwhile MCRS (Multi channel radio system) will not replace the GK-M1 FFR because MCRS and FFR have a different role.

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