EOD Command and Control Vehicles For the Army

An Army bomb disposal ROV. Tentera Darat

SHAH ALAM: EOD command and control vehicles for the Army. Tanjung Boulevard Sdn Bhd, an oil and gas supplier, has been awarded the Letter of Award of RM3.5 million to supply the Army with six explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) command and control vehicles for the Army.

The tender for the six EOD vehicles was published in Eperolehan website in May/June 2022. The public portion of tender states:

There is a requirement for the EOD Command and Control Vehicle for use by the Malaysian Army in deploying an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team (EOD/C-IED) operation in the Malaysian environment.


An Army bomb disposal expert preparing to take an unexploded ordnance during a demonstration held in March, 2023. BTDM

With such sparse requirement, it is difficult to imagine what the EOD command and control vehicles the Army is getting. That said the police, a few years back ordered nine EOD vehicles which were based on the Mercedes Sprinter van chassis.

The vehicle can carry four EOD personnel including the driver as well as their bomb disposal equipment. This includes the bomb suit as well as the EOD robot.

The Mercedes EOD vehicle supplied by Deftech for the PDRM EOD unit. With it is the one-tonne GS 4X4 truck for the police. Picture taken at DSA 2018. Malaysian Defence.

I am guessing that the new Army EOD vehicles may well be another variant of the Iveco 4X4 Daily which have been chosen as its MRCS and gun-towing vehicles. It is also possible that it will also be a Mercedes Sprinter van like the ones used by the police EOD unit.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. One wonders how does an O&G supplier got involved into supplying EOD vehicle. Totally out the left field.

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