Malaysian Army

Sunshine After The Storm

SHAH ALAM: Looking at some of the comments posted here and at the Malaysian Defence Facebook page, I sometimes feel uneasy about posting things like the failed Blackhawk deal. But I guess we cannot have sunshine without the storm. And the sunshine in our case this time around is the […]

Malaysia -RMN

Indian Scorpenes Data Revealed

SHAH ALAM: The data for the Indian Scorpene submarines – an updated version of the RMN Perdana Menteri class – have been leaked. The Australian, a newspaper based in Melbourne – however choose to claim that the leak data may well compromise their own submarine design also built by the […]

Malaysian Army

When September Ends

SHAH ALAM: When September Comes, thats when the Blackhawks will be delivered to us, says Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein when asked about the Brunei helicopters  last April. Malaysian Defence report on Apr 16, 2016. DSA 2016 Day 2. Hishammudin was asked about the Blackhawks after the contracts signing […]

Malaysia - RMAF

RMAF A400Ms and AAR

SHAH ALAM: IN my previous posts on RMAF A400Ms I stated that they will not be equipped for air-to-air refueling (AAR). This was based on information provided by a source. The source however has come back to me to state that the information was wrong. Indeed RMAF A400Ms will be […]

Malaysia -RMN

New Facility at KK Naval Base

SHAH ALAM: A Magnetic Ranging and Deperming Facility will be built at the Kota Kinabalu naval base in Teluk Sepanggar, Sabah. The MRDF contract was awarded to DCNS of France, the JV builder/maintainer of RMN submarines and the sub-contractor for the LCS. The MRDF will provide countermeasures for RMN ships […]

Defence Contract

Limited Open Tender for Hawk Upgrade

SHAH ALAM: AT DSA 2016, Airod Sdn Bhd signed an MOU with BAE Systems for the upgrade of RMAF Hawk aircraft. One expects that the next chapter in the saga will be the contract signing. Unfortunately, as usual we seek to complicate things. The Hawk up-grade, I have been told, […]