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Walk Like An Egyptian

SHAH ALAM: Walk Like An Egyptian was a song made famous by an American band the Bangles. However, in building the Gowind corvette, the French firm DCNS and maybe the Egyptians, are beating our boys in Lumut. Boustead Naval Shipyard started building RMN’s LCS, four months earlier than the first […]

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Operational Requirements

SHAH ALAM: Only for Operational Requirements. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I read the question (below) from one of our regular readers, Michael, several days ago. Off topic, during recent merdeka n also ATM anniversary rehearsal..I did not see EC-725. something wrong to the […]

Malaysia -RMN

You Win Some, You Lose Some…

SHAH ALAM: You Win Some, You Lose Some. In the previous post, we discussed about the possibility of the RMN getting more hulls, specifically China-made warships. Several readers suggested that there wasn’t not enough funds for RMN to get its cake and eat it too. While its true that maintaining […]

Malaysia -RMN

China Made Warships, Coming Soon?

SHAH ALAM: I have written in the past that there have been proposals for Malaysia to buy warships from China. The proposals include corvettes and multi-role support ships. And apparently the government is still keen about it though it has not yet wrapped up the deal. Industry sources told Malaysian […]

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The More, The Merrier

SHAH ALAM: IT appears that we will soon have two Hercules MROs operating in the country, if the Finance Ministry has its way.  The first one, Airod Sdn Bhd – partly owned by the government while the other – if it happens – will be a subsidiary of a GLC. […]

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Polish Export MBT

SHAH ALAM: As there is some interest on the new MBT from Bumar Labedy, posted below are two pictures of the vehicle from the manufacturer’s website. Bumar Labedy as most of you are aware is the manufacturer of our Pendekar or PT-91 MBT. I am posting the pictures here as […]

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Better Late Than Never

SHAH ALAM: Its better late than never, so the saying goes. When I first heard about the decision to order the MD-530G Light Scout Armed Helicopters in October last year, I expected that it will be delivered by 2017, at the earliest. How could it be delivered in 2016 when […]