Red Arrows at Epsom College, near KLIA on Oct. 17

Gypo Break Gypo Break during Springhawk 2015. 18 December 2015 Copyright: MoD/Crown Copyright 2015 - Cpl Buckle

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SHAH ALAM: RAF aerobatic team, the Red Arrows, will put up a display at the Epsom College, Bandar Enstek, near KLIA on Oct 17 as part of its 2016 Middle East and Asia Pacific tour.

The show is to be held around 1.30pm. ONLY invited guests will be allowed into the college grounds during the display.

The display will be the first for the Red Arrows in Malaysia since LIMA 2007. As LIMA is now held in March – the time the team started their training for its annual display calendar – they have been unable to come to Malaysia since then.

Classic Red Arrows nine diamond formation. 16 April 2014 Copyright: MoD/Crown Copyright 201
Classic Red Arrows nine diamond formation.
16 April 2014
Copyright: MoD/Crown Copyright 201

The display at Epsom College – will be a full display, weather permitting, of course. Why is it being held near KLIA and not Subang? Although access to the college will be restricted, there are plenty of spotting sights in Bandar Enstek which are accessible to the public, unlike Subang.

Furthermore, being near the KLIA afforded a box of airspace which will allow the Red Arrows to perform to their full potential. The team will still be based at Subang airbase though during its stay in Malaysia.

Synchro Pair. Crown Copyright.
Synchro Pair. Crown Copyright.

The Red Arrows will also performed a flypast over the KLCC on Oct 14 at 3pm. Their nine-diamond formation will be joined by at least two RAF Eurofighter Typhoons which are taking part in the Five Power Defence Arrangement (FPDA) Bersama Lima exercise.

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (RAFAT) "The Red Arrows" and Typhoon aircraft are shown flying in formation as part of the 90th Anniversary of the RAF in 2008.
The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (RAFAT) “The Red Arrows” and Typhoon aircraft are shown flying in formation as part of the 90th Anniversary of the RAF in 2008.

The formation will make several flypasts to satisfy everyone needs. I will post more information on the Red Arrows display and Bersama Lima Exercise when I get them or if there are changes in dates, time and venue.

The Press Release on Red Arrows Middle East and Asia Tour.

Red Arrows to promote prosperity with major overseas tour

The Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team will support the UK’s prosperity by performing in up to 20 locations from the Middle East to the Asia-Pacific.

The major overseas tour, later this year, will see the Red Arrows perform in China for the first time ever.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that the RAF’s display team will showcase their world-famous aerobatics with displays and flypasts for the first time in China and are also due to perform in countries including India, Malaysia and Singapore.

Planning is under way to finalise details of the Red Arrows deployment, which follows an invitation for the aerobatic team of Hawk T1 aircraft to perform at Airshow China in Zhuhai as part of the UK’s GREAT campaign.

The Strategic Defence and Security Review made clear the UK’s commitment to the Asia Pacific region and to building relationships to address global challenges.

Following visits to Japan in January and Singapore in May, Mr Fallon confirmed that RAF Typhoon jets will take part in the joint exercise Bersama Lima from Malaysia, which forms part of the UK’s commitment to the Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA).

The Typhoons will then deploy around the region for joint exercises with allies, demonstrating the UK’s commitment to exercise with allies across the globe.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: “Our RAF Red Arrows and Typhoons represent the best of British. The Red Arrows will fly the flag for Britain in key export markets while our RAF Typhoons will exercise with our allies.”

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Saw them in at LIMA. I think it was 1993. The good thing is that after the show they were selling coloured squadron prints for RM10!

    Nothing beats the Russians though; at the 2nd LIMA they opened up the cargo bay of an AN-124 and were selling souvenirs that included bondomes, G-suits, uniforms, dolls, ruble notes, etc!

  2. This must be the 1st air show out of KLIA.

    Wondering where will be the viewing platform located. Also, must be challenging for the ATC as well due to the traffic over there.

    Not challenging lah, they will just close down the air movement because of the show, it will not be more than 30 minutes.

  3. Hi Marhalim, just wondering for the airspace closure between 26-29sept, they said it is because of “aerial survey”. Can you elaborate more on that? Thanks

    No idea.

  4. By any chance, anyone knows the time of the actual display?

    I will post the actual time when I get it.

  5. Nothing unusual. At Singapore airshow the display is about 45 minutes and they stop flights because the show box is just north of the airport runways.

  6. Is the display on October 16 or 17? Your title and content have different dates.

    Thanks for the heads up. It will be on Oct 17.

  7. They were supposed to be in Singapore today but were delayed by bad weather. Instead they will be in Singapore on Saturday. Malaysia dates unchanged. Route and time unknown but there is a chance to see them in transit there and back.

    They will conduct the flypast at KLCC on arrival from India.

  8. Any latest news on whether Epsom College display going ahead on 17 Oct? The MBS and KLCC flypasts could not take place.

    As of 5pm today, its still on.

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