New Training Device for The Army

SHAH ALAM: The Army is getting a new training device which is the RPG-7 sub calibre training system. This was revealed by the Defence Ministry by issuing a tender for a multi-modal transport operator (MTO) to ship back these devices.

Note that the sub calibre device replicates the firing of a standard PG-7 high explosive anti-tank round. In most of these devices, the rocket motor has been replaced with a firing assembly for a standard AK 47 tracer cartridge.

A Czech made RPG 7 sub calibre device. Internet.

As usual I have no idea how many or where are these devices are being imported as I am not in the MTO business. I am guessing that they bought these training devices from Pakistan as the country has two manufacturers which markets the RPG 7 sub calibre system.

RPG 7 with a sub calibre device, most likely from Eastern Europe. Internet

One of the Pakistani manufacturers is the state-owned Pakistan Machine Tool Factory (PMTF) the likely source of the Army’s RPG 7 launchers. Unfortunately, the company’s website did not offer further details on its RPG 7 sub calibre system.

Soldiers from 19th RMR (Mechanised) preparing to fire their RPG-7s during the 2017 Firepower Exercise

The other manufacturer is the Daudsons Armoury based in Peshawar. Daudsons do not manufacture RPG 7s though they do manufacture the RPG 7 sub calibre device. From the company’s website.

7th Rejimen Renjer DiRaja soldiers with their RPG-7 launcher as they walk in formation to the parade ground in February, 2017.

The RPG-7 Sub calibre device gives a near perfect simulation of the actual ammunition. It is a cost effective method for target practice and training of troops in loading/un-loading and firing of the system. It uses standard 9mm ammunition. The floating adjustable barrel ensures proper aiming at various ranges of the weapon

The 7th Rangers soldiers at ready for the inspection in Feb. 2017. Note the RPG launchers on the ground with their packs and the machine guns.

I have no idea what ammunition is used for the sub calibre device manufactured by PMTF but the Daudsons device is different from the ones manufactured by Bulgarian and Czech which uses the 7.62mm X 39 cartridges, the same type used on the AK47 rifles. A video on Youtube of a Czech made RPG 7 sub calibre device, below.

For this reason I am inclined to believe we are getting the RPG 7 sub calibre system from Pakistan. Hopefully we can get confirmation during DSA 2018 this April. Any how I hope the Army buy plenty of these devices so soldiers equipped with the RPG could ripple fire them as well during their training cycle.

PG 7 sub calibre device of Eastern European origin. Internet.

Yes, it will be akward for them to remove the devices from the RPG barrel to fire the second or third ones unlike firing real rockets but it will be much, much cheaper. Hopefully the Army will also purchase sub calibre devices for its recently acquired LAW system.

A soldier getting ready to fire an RPG during 2017 Firepower Demonstration.

Anyhow apart from tender to transport the RPG 7 sub calibre system, the Ministry also issued another MTO tender to transport S-band radars back to Malaysia for installation and commissioning. The radars are for the island bases located in the South China Sea. The procurement tender for these radars was issued and cancelled on Oct. 3, 2017. I guess the procurement went ahead via direct negotiations after the tender was issued and cancelled on the same day.

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