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SHAH ALAM: RMAF and RMN, last week on their official Twitter page, blasted graphics separately announcing their gratitude to the government for providing an extra allocation to the Armed Forces 2017 budget. The extra allocation for the military based on the graphics is RM817.60 million.

This means the budget for defence for 2017 is actually RM15.819 billion, compared to the RM15.05 billion announced in October, last year. Note that extra allocation are normal, the government provides for such every year.

RMAF graphic

Based on the graphics, we know RMAF is getting half of the extra allocation with RM450 million while RMN is only getting RM218 million. The Army did not come out with a graphic but based on the sums for RMAF and RMN, it should be getting RM149.60 only.

RMN graphics

So far the Defence Ministry has not made any official announcement on the extra allocation, so there is no telling whether the extra money is for the operational or development expenditures. However, based on the annual budget we can assume most of the extra money is for operational expenditures.
RMN ships berthed at the Lumut naval base in early 2014, KD Kasturi, KD Lekiu (hidden) and two Kedah class.

Both RMAF and RMN graphics stated that the money was meant to ensure the readiness of assets which meant the bulk of it are likely to pay for spares, assets, parts and services. The RMN graphic even included a Kedah class, the Tun Azizan platform and quarters which may indicate the main thrust of the extra money. It is also likely that the some of the money will be used to pay for repairs of KD Jebat which caught fire late last May.
Sukhoi Su-30MKM M52-18 at Sukhoi Technical Centre at the Gong Kedak airbase.

As for the RMAF, it is likely the bulk of the allocation will be used to pay for the Sukhoi’s 10 years scheduled maintenance program, which started late last year. The program is expected to be carried out for the next three years.
Front view of LMS

My sources also indicated that the extra allocation is mostly for projects already committed whether it’s under OE or DE. One of them is the RMN’s LMS. The first ship I am told is expected to be started once the company, CSIC got the export approvals from the China government.

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