Malaysia -RMN

Two Sub Fleet?

SHAH ALAM: A two sub fleet. It appears despite the RMN 15-to-5 plan, the navy is not destined to operate four submarines in the near future. Infact, it is likely in 20 years time it will continue with a two-submarine fleet with new ones as the current Prime Minister-class are […]

Malaysian Defence

Fourth Para Batallion Operational

SHAH ALAM: Fourth Para Batallion Operational. 18th RMR has been declared as a fully operational Parachute Infantry Batallion by Army chief Gen. Zulkiple Kassim in a ceremony held at Sultan Mahmud Airport, Kuala Terengganu today (Feb. 21, 2018). The batallion is now formally known as 18th RMR (Para). The ceremony […]

Malaysian Army

New Training Device for The Army

SHAH ALAM: The Army is getting a new training device which is the RPG-7 sub calibre training system. This was revealed by the Defence Ministry by issuing a tender for a multi-modal transport operator (MTO) to ship back these devices. Note that the sub calibre device replicates the firing of […]

Malaysia - RMAF

Aerial Refueling Pods For A400M

SHAH ALAM: RMAF has taken delivery of the first set of aerial refueling pods for its A400M. The pods manufactured by Cobham from UK consists of the 908E Wing Dispense Equipment (WDE) and 808E Hose Drum Unit (HDU). The delivery of the first set was announced by Cobham on its […]

Malaysia - RMAF

UK Deal For Typhoons Or Losing Them

SHAH ALAM: Reuters is reporting that BAE Systems will provide Malaysia a UK government-backed financing deal if it decides to replace its fleet of combat jets with the Eurofighter Typhoon, senior company officials said. In the meantime, a UK publication, the Sun, is warning that UK risks losing all defense […]


Communication Breakdown

SHAH ALAM: Communication Breakdown. It appears there is something brewing on the MD530G light scout attack helicopter program. Its got nothing to do with deliveries or similar things. This of course have been settled after what had happened last year. I will not explain the full details of whats brewing […]

Asean and Malaysia

Singapore Airshow 2018

SINGAPORE: The first day of the Singapore Airshow 2018 started with a bang, literally. One of the eight KAI T-50s of the ROKAF Black Eagles flipped and landed on its side at Changi airpport as it was taking off for the first day flight display performance. The airport fire team […]

Asean and Malaysia

Atlas and Flankers in Singapore

SHAH ALAM: Atlas and Flankers. Its not yet official but RMAF is sending the Sukhoi Su-30MKM Flanker and the Airbus A400M Atlas – to the Singapore 2018 Airshow, starting on Feb. 6 to 11. Although RMAF has not make the announcement yet, the aerial display list already included the Flanker […]