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Exercise With Indian Air Force

SHAH ALAM: Exercise with Indian Air Force. Malaysian and Indian military will be holding air exercises and extending cooperation in counter-terrorism as part of plans to strengthen defence ties between both countries, PM DS Najib said today. The air exercise will involve Indian Air Force (IAF) Sukhoi Su-30MKI and RMAF […]

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Thai T-50s Safely Home

SHAH ALAM: Thai T-50s Safely Home. The two Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) T-50TH advanced trainers have safely made it home today after almost two week stay at Kuantan airport due to technical difficulties. The two T-50THs flown by four South Korean pilots, took off from Kuantan airport in the […]

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New Pack for the Army?

SHAH ALAM: New Pack for the Army. It appears that the Army may replace its 2000 digital camo pack as it is already conducting a viability study on the equipment. I have no idea when the digital pack pattern was introduced but it is likely around 2013-2014 period after the […]

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First USAF H Hercules Upgrades

SHAH ALAM: First USAF H Hercules Upgrades. As you are probably aware USAF is conducting tests on an upgraded H variant of the C-130. The aircraft is currently undergoing testing at the Eglin AFB in Florida. As RMAF is set to conduct its own upgrade of 14 Hercules aircraft some […]

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Bring It On Home

SHAH ALAM: Bring it on Home. It appears that there is more to the RTAF T-50TH arrival at Kuantan airport on Jan. 10. Initially I was told that the two T-50THs made a brief stop-over at Kuantan as part of its ferry flight from South Korea to Thailand. News reports […]

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RMAF Upgrades Are On Track

SHAH ALAM: RMAF upgrades are on track. Upgrade programs for three RMAF aircraft – the Bae Systems Hawk Mk 208 light jet, Hercules C-130H transporter and Nuri helicopters are on track and expected to commence as scheduled, Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said. He said the upgrade programs will […]

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Thai T-50s in Kuantan

SHAH ALAM: Thai T-50THs in Kuantan. It appears that Korean Aerospace are working hard to get the T-50 light jet trainer into the RMAF. Last year they took part in LIMA series exhibition in Langkawi. The Black Eagles then conducted a display over Kuala Lumpur, over the skies of KLCC. […]

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Defence Against Drones?

SHAH ALAM: Defence against drones? Within the last few years especially in Syria, we have seen the use of commercial drones to conduct attacks on military and non-military in what is described as another form of asymmetric warfare. Just two days ago it was reported that the Russian military thwarts […]

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Another Day Has Just Begun

SHAH ALAM: Another day has just begun. Yes its the first day of the new year and it seemed just like yesterday I wrote that we will be muddling through the new year. So what is in store in 2018 then? I am not a soothsayer but listed below are […]