New Pack for the Army?

SHAH ALAM: New Pack for the Army. It appears that the Army may replace its 2000 digital camo pack as it is already conducting a viability study on the equipment. I have no idea when the digital pack pattern was introduced but it is likely around 2013-2014 period after the Army introduced its new digital camo.

9 RAMD with the 2000 digital pack and their other personal equipment. Note the pack is almost overwhelmed by the amount equipment packed into it.

According to the BTDM Online, the Army recently conducted a feasibility study of the 2000 digital camo pack. Ten officers and 65 soldiers from four battalions were involved in the study – 9 RAMD (PARA), 14 RAMD (Mek), 15 RAMD and 5 Rejimen Sempadan – at the para unit camp on Jan. 19. 2018.

A fully loaded 2000 digital pack being shown to the evaluators.

The study is to determine whether the 2000 Digital pack is capable of supporting carry and combat load and whether it needs to be enhanced or replaced.

A 9 RAMD signaler with the packs he need to carry while on the field. It is not explained whether he also used the Milkor grenade launcher and also shotgun shown in the pallet.

From BTDM online FB post

Kajian Kesesuaian Pack Pattern 2000 Digital

MELAKA: Seramai 10 pegawai dan 65 anggota Lain-Lain Pangkat (LLP) terdiri dari Batalion Kesembilan Rejimen Askar Melayu Diraja Para (9 RAMD Para), 14 RAMD (Mek), 15 RAMD dan 5 Rejimen Sempadan terlibat dengan kajian kesesuaian Main Pack Pattern 2000 digital bagi penambahbaikan spesifikasi sedia ada yang di Padang Kawad 9 RAMD (Para) pada 19 Jan 2018.

Kajian kesesuaian main pack ini merangkumi dua peringkat iaitu taklimat dan juga pemeriksaan secara fizikal main pack pattern 2000 digital.

Tujuannya adalah untuk menguji, menilai dan mengkaji kesesuaian Main Pack Pattern 2000 Digital bagi menampung carrying load dan combat load serta mengenal pasti sama ada main pack yang sedang dalam perkhidmatan sesuai digunakan ataupun perlu dibuat penambahbaikan.

Pelaksanaan kajian ini telah dihadiri oleh Timbalan Pengarah Infantri, Kol Shamshor Hj Jaafar, PS 1 Teknikal dan PS 2 Infra Infantri dan turut dihadiri Panglima 10 Bgd (Para), Pegawai Memerintah 9 RAMD (Para), Peg Pem Kom Btn (Para) dan Peg Pem Kom PANDURA (Para).

Oleh: Mej Zahari Affandi Hj Mat Nor
Gambar: Sjn Shahrul Nizam

– Markas Briged Ke-10 Infantri Malaysia Para

The evaluation team looking another pack with the old one that was replaced by the 2000 digital pack.

The posting and pictures elicited a number of comments most likely by serving soldiers of their own experience and the pack’s field performance. Basically they stated that the 2000 digital camo pack was too small, fragile and a pain to carry on long marchers. Basically a POS.

The equipment carried by a signaler in the Army.

Some of the posters said the Army should have gotten feedback from its soldiers when designing rucksacks and other field equipment.

Things on the pallet are the equipment that needed to be carried in a soldiers pack.

The failure in engaging soldiers, resulted in bad products which are generally hated by them and a waste of money. Note the photographs used in the BTDM Online did not carrry any caption or descriptions, as such I had added my own captions for them in this post.

8 RRD troopers inside a RMAF Hercules waiting for their jump. Note the rucksack on the knees.

What is interesting that another BTDM post dateline yesterday showed 8 RRD (Para) – 9 RAMD sister battalion in 10th Para Brigade – on a training jump using the old rucksack (above). I am guessing the 10th Para units only used the 2000 digital pack for non-jump operations.

* edited to add the 8 RRD pictures.

— Malaysian Defence

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