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Schiebel Camcopter VTOL drone. MDIO is already operating the type. Schiebel

SHAH ALAM: New DISD boss. Deputy Defence Intelligence Staff Division (DISD) chief Maj General Datuk Ahmad Norihan Jalal has been promoted as Lt General and appointed as the DISD chief in a ceremony yesterday. He is now the Armed Forces head of intelligence or director-general.

Ahmad Norihan was among seven Tentera Darat officers who were promoted and appointed to new positions in a ceremony conducted by Army chief General Zamrose Mohd Zain at the Sungei Besi camp, BTDM reported.

Ahmad Norihan. Facebook.

Ahmad Norihan, a career intelligence officer, replaced Lt Gen Sheikh Mohsin Sheikh Hassan.
Zamrose (left) putting on Ahmad Norihan, third star together with his wife at the ceremony, yesterday. BTDM

Others promoted include Lt Col Johari Ismail who was promoted as Colonel and appointed as Risik Colonel, Cawangan Risik, Western Field Command and Lt Col Wan Rohizan Hassan, also promoted to Colonel and assumed the role as the Army Special Officer at the government procurement division of the Finance Ministry.

Four officers were promoted to the rank of Lt Colonel, Mej Hisham Abdul Manaf, appointed as the CO of the 5th RMR and Mej Zahari Affandi Mat Nor as the CO of the Eight Ranger Regiment (Para). Also promoted were Mej Wai Lung (RMC head instructor) and Mej Hasbullah Salleh (Staff Officer 1, Religious) Eastern Field Command. In his speech, Zamrose told the newly promoted officers to be the best example for the other ranks to emulate.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. congratulations to all involved.

    Just a question. the vera e system is operated by which formation?

    I think its one of the units of DISD I have no idea what it is called

  2. Saw in the news before that MAF is planning to induct a cyber warfare command. Is it true?

    If yes, is it already up and running?

    And will it be under DSIS or it will be a separate command?


  3. I am curious, is e Intelligence arm goes by the 3 services — or they are a joint unit?

    They all have them but the Army’s one is the biggest that’s why the DG and his deputies are all from there. They are not joined per se but more like birds of a feather. In the Army intelligence guys got a good a career path though it will stove pipe at the top as in other units apart from the infantry. As for the other two, intel is much more on the support services as they are more focus on technical disciplines like ship and aircraft piloting.

  4. Is nobody going to tell the wife to wear her mask over there? Nice smartwatch though.

    Anywho, I’m interested to learn & read more in regards to the scope of work of our Intelligence division. I don’t really know if this is related, but do we have some form of cyber operation division within the army? I’m pretty sure the police have them, but I don’t really know how wide of a coverage they covers or whether they work hand in hand with the army, etc. Sure we don’t want none of that leaked Navy documents incident from happening ever again, I hope?

    If I’m even allowed to give one advice to those in the service currently or whether they read this in the first place, please for the love of God; For whatever reason, DO NOT insert your personal USB flash drive, into the office computer that is connected to the entire network. Also, don’t open some random junk emails or download any attachments. These two seemed pretty easy and straight forward but needed to be said again and again because our cybersecurity awareness is pretty lackluster if I’m being honest.

    DISD stuff are not meant to be discussed in an open forum. Even their contracts are restricted ones hence the recent brouhaha was for nothing really. Yes DISD run the cyber stuff of the military, that’s why you don’t see it discussed more frequently apart from the vague announcements on command etc. As for hacks even the most security conscious organisations personnel prone to lapses, see the recent Twitter incident

  5. imba,

    For a brief period in the 1990’s IDF officers weren’t even allowed to have hand phones.

    “our cybersecurity awareness is pretty lackluster if I’m being honest.””

    We actually have a very good idea/awareness as to the threat and the need for vigilance. We do whet we can but a lot of what we need to do is constrained by funding.

    Ultimately we are a peacetime cash constrained and under resourced military; there is only so much we can do against opponents who spend billions and devote tremendous amounts of other resources to cyber and other forms of non traditional warfare.

    With regards to opening suspicious E-mails and using flash drives; those are the most basic of basic precautions that all intel officers will be aware of.

  6. “Even their contracts are restricted ones hence the recent brouhaha was for nothing really ”

    Therefore the recent leak doesn’t contain any confidential information then? And no compromise to our security?

    Not that, the earlier one

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